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Directory of Law Firms with Litigation Practices in St Louis

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Summary: Here is a directory of law firms in St Louis, Missouri, that have litigation practices and contain more than ten attorneys.
Firm Name
Firm Size Practice Area Address Phone
Allen, Kopet & Associates, PLLC
75 Civil Litigation; Trial Practice; Appellate Practice; Federal Practice; Insurance Defense; Workers Compensation; Personal Injury; Property Damage; Products Liability; Health Care Litigation; Medical Malpractice; Errors; Omissions of all Professionals; Retaliatory Discharge; Wrongful Discharge Claims; Employment Discrimination; Premises Liability. P.O. Box 11272
St. Louis, MO 63105-1272
Armstrong Teasdale LLP
250 Business Services, Animal Health, Life Science and Agriculture Law, Antitrust and Distribution Services, Banking and Financial Services, Biotechnology/Life Sciences, Construction and Design, Corporate Services, Biotechnology/Life Sciences, Environmental, Governance and Compliance, Health Care, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities, Employment & Labor, Environmental, Facility Clearance Services, Fashion and Footwear Industry, Financial Restructuring, Reorganization and Bankruptcy, Franchising and Distribution, Future Energy, Global Transactions, Governance and Compliance, Government Contracts, Health Care, Immigration, International, Global Transactions, International Trade and Compliance , International Trade and Compliance, Internet & E-Commerce, Mergers and Acquisitions, Non-Compete/Trade Secrets, Personnel Security Clearance Law, Public Finance, Real Estate, Securities, Social Media, Sports Law, Tax/Employee Benefits/Trust & Estates , Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property Services, Non-Compete/Trade Secrets, Technology and Licensing, Trademark Services, Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust Litigation, Appellate, Asbestos, Biotechnology/Life Sciences, Business Litigation, Class Action, Construction and Design, Contract and Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defense and Compliance, E-Discovery, Employment & Labor, Facility Clearance Services, Fire and Electrical Liability, Franchise Litigation, Government Relations, Health Care Litigation, Insurance Coverage & Litigation, Life, Health & Disability, Non-Compete/Trade Secrets, Personnel Security Clearance Law, Products Liability, Professional Liability, Securities Regulation & Litigation, Security Clearance Law, Facility Clearance Services, Personnel Security Clearance Law, Tort & Catastrophic Events, Toxic Assets Task Force, Transportation Industry 7700 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 1800
St. Louis, MO 63105
Behr, McCarter & Potter, P.C.
13 General Civil Trial and Appellate Practice in State and Federal Court. Professional Negligence Defense, Products Liability, Insurance Defense, Construction Law and Litigation, General Corporate Law, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures, Commercial Litigation, Municipal Law, Employment and Discrimination Law, Admiralty Law, Aviation Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Transportation Law, Property Planning for Non-Profit Entities. 7777 Bonhomme Avenue, Suite 1400
St. Louis, MO 63105-1942
Boggs, Avellino, Lach & Boggs, LLC
26 Insurance Defense, Workers Compensation Defense, Professional Liability, Employment Law, Environmental, Insurance Coverage, Products Liability, Negligence Defense, Corporate Law, Civil Trial Practice, Negligence Defense, Medical Malpractice, Commercial Litigation, Collections, Subrogation, Fraud, Arson, Trial and Appellate, Health Law, Construction, Fire and Marine, General Business Litigation, Creditor's Rights, Insurance, Bad Faith Defense, Self Insured Defense, Life Insurance Defense, Health Care Liability, Legal Malpractice, Class Action Defense, Mass Torts, Tort Defense, Mold Litigation, Toxic Tort Defense, Lead Poisoning, Trucking Liability, Day Care, Dram Shop Liability, Extra Contractual Insurance Claims, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists. 7912 Bonhomme Suite 400 (Clayton)
St. Louis, MO 63105-3512
Boyle Brasher LLC
31 Appellate Practice; Admiralty and Maritime Law; Aviation Litigation; Civil Practice; Commercial Litigation; Construction Law; Creditors Rights; Environmental Law; Gaming Law; General Corporate; Health Care; Insurance Defense; Labor and Employment; Municipal Law; Legal Malpractice; Litigation; Medical Malpractice; Products Liability Defense; Personal Injury; Premises Liability; Railroad Law; Professional Liability; Real Estate; Toxic Torts; Transportation; Trucking Law; Workers Compensation Defense. 211 North Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63102
Brinker & Doyen, L.L.P.
22 General Civil Trial and Appellate Practice, Insurance Defense, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Fire Insurance, Automobile Litigation, Corporation, Environmental and Health Law, Construction and Workers' Compensation Law. 34 North Meramec Avenue, 5th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63105
Bryan Cave LLP
1000 Agribusiness, Ag Biotechnology and Food Processing, Alternative Investments and Funds, Antitrust and Competition, Appellate Cross-Team, Art Law Team, Audit Committee Counseling, Aviation Law Practice, Banking, Business and Public Finance, Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors' Rights, Broker-Dealer Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory Practice, Class and Derivative Actions, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Practice Team, Construction Practice Team, Consumer Financial Services Litigation, Consumer Protection and Data Privacy, Corporate Finance and Securities, e-Discovery Services Team, Election Law and Government Ethics, Emerging Companies Practice, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Energy and Natural Resources, Entertainment and Media, Environmental, ESOP Team, Fiduciary Litigation, Financial Institutions, Franchise and Distribution, Fund Finance, Fund Formation Team, Global Anti-Corruption/Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Team, Global Data Privacy and Security Team, Government Contracts, India Practice Group, Information Technology, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, International Trade, Internet & New Media, Labor and Employment, Land Use, Life Sciences and Health Care, Mass & Toxic Tort, Medical Device Team, Mexico and Latin America, Mining and Natural Resources Industry Team, Nonprofit Organizations, Nutritional Products Team, Occupational Safety and Health Industry Team, Outsourcing, Private Client, Private Equity, Product Liability, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Real Estate, Real Estate Bankruptcy, Workout and Litigation Team, Real Estate Capital Markets, Records Management Team, Retail, Risk Management, Securities Litigation and Enforcement, Special Counsel and Investigations Team, Specialty Pharmacy, Infusion, Medical Supplies and Home Health Industry Team, Sports, Sponsorship and Event Venue Group, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change, Tax Advice and Controversy, Tax Exempt and Charitable Planning, Technology, Entrepreneurial and Commercial Practice, Transactions, White Collar Defense and Investigations. 211 North Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63102-2750
Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP
120 Affirmative Action; Class Actions; Employee Benefits; ERISA Litigation; Immigration Law; Labor Relations; Employment Litigation; Occupational Safety and Health; Wage and Hour Law; Workers' Compensation; Trade Secrets and Noncompetition Law. 7733 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 1325
St. Louis, MO 63105
Cordell and Cordell
200 Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Declaration of Paternity, Modification of Decrees, Spousal Maintenance, Contempt Proceedings, Legal Separation, Property Division, Litigation. 3 City Place Drive, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63141
Danna McKitrick, P.C.
31 Bankruptcy, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Real Estate, Trusts & Estates 7701 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 800
St. Louis, MO 63105
6500 Aboriginal Law (Canada), Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Competition and Antitrust, Corporate, Corporate Governance, Employment and Labor, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, Franchising and Distribution, Health Care, Immigration, Insurance, Intellectual Property and Technology, Life Sciences, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mining, Native American Law and Policy, Notary Services (Germany), Pensions, Benefits and Executive Compensation, Privacy and Security, Private Equity, Project Development, Public International Law, Public Law, Public Policy and Regulation, Real Estate, Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Securities and Corporate Finance, Tax, Trade, WTO and Customs, Transportation, Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation, Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies. One Metropolitan Square, 211 N. Broadway, Suite 3000
St. Louis, MO 63102-2741
Devereaux, Stokes, Nolan, Fernandez & Leonard, P.C.
11 Personal Injury, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Automobile, Trucking, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip and Fall, Nursing Home Abuse, Social Security Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Toxic Torts, Asbestos, Mesothelioma, Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Dog Bites, Head and Spinal Injuries, Railroad Accidents, Unsafe Products, Defective Products, Immigration, Criminal Law, Traffic Violations, White Collar Crime, DUI, DWI, Parole and Probation, Felonies, Sexual Abuse, Homicide, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Assault, Murder, Police Misconduct, Civil Rights, Workers' Compensation, Electrocution, Fire and Explosion Injuries, Birth Injury, Drug and Medical Device Litigation, Airbag Injury, Seatbelt Injury, Maritime Personal Injury, Whistleblower Litigation, Legal Malpractice, Fen-Phen Litigation, Gastric Bypass, Helicopter Crash, Lasik Surgery Malpractice, Liposuction Malpractice, Lung Cancer, Ortho Evra, PPH Litigation, Paxil, Propuloid Litigation, Prozac, Qui Tam Litigation. 133 South 11th Street, Suite 350
St. Louis, MO 63102-1133
Dowd Bennett LLP
24 Appellate Law,Commercial Litigation,Environmental Litigation and Investigations,Healthcare Litigation,White Collar Investigations,Employment Litigation,Products Liability 7733 Forsyth Blvd, Suite 1900
St. Louis, MO 63102-2741
Evans & Dixon
86 Civil Litigation, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Insurance Coverage, Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Trusts And Probate, Workers' Compensation 211 North Broadway, Suite 2500
St. Louis, MO 63102-2727
Foley & Mansfield
130 Commercial, Litigation 101 South Hanley Road, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63105
Fox Galvin, LLC
17 Admiralty and Maritime Law; Products Liability; Personal Injury; Medical Malpractice; Environmental Litigation; Complex and Multi-District Litigation; Pharmaceutical and Medical Device; Commercial Litigation; Appellate Practice; Business Law; Civil Practice; Professional Liability; Toxic Torts; Insurance Litigation; Class Actions; Employment Law; Professional Malpractice Litigation; Construction Law; Reinsurance; Zoning, Planning and Land Use; Trusts and Estates; Family Law. One Memorial Drive, 12th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63102-2425
Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C.
66 Administrative, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate, Arbitration, Banking, Bankruptcy, Biotechnology, Breach Of Contract, Business, Business Transactions, Civil Litigation, Commercial Disputes, Commercial Finance, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Real Estate, Compliance And Defense, Construction Law, Contract Disputes, Copyrights, Corporate Law, Creditors Rights, Criminal, Debtor/Creditor, Domestic Relations, Education, Elder Law, Emerging Business Development, Employee Benefits, Entertainment Law, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Executive Compensation, Financial Institutions, Franchise, Government Contracts, Governmental Law, Health Care, Immigration, Insurance Coverage, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Joint Ventures, Labor And Employment Law, Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Mergers And Acquisitions, Municipal Law, Patents, Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical, Probate, Product Liability, Real Estate, Real Property, School Law, Securities, Strategic Alliances, Tax Law, Toxic Tort, Trade Dress, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Transactions, Venture Capital, Wrongful Death, Wrongful Discharge, Wrongful Termination Interco Corporate Tower, 101 South Hanley
St. Louis, MO 63105
Galloway Johnson, A PLC
96 Construction, Employer's Liability, Insurance Defense, Professional Liability, Property Insurance, Retail , Restaurant , Amusements, Sports , Recreation Corporate Transactions, Banking, Real Property , Foreclosure, Title Resolution, Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense, Insurance Litigation 7710 Carondelet Ave, Suite 217
St. Louis, MO 63105
Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C .
159 Communications & Media, Construction, Corporate, Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy, Educational, Religious & Tax-Exempt Organizations, Employee Benefits, Environmental, Franchise and Distribution, Health Care, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Real Estate, Tax, Technology Transactions, Trusts & Estates. 10 South Broadway, Suite 2000
St. Louis, MO 63102
HeplerBroom LLC
107 Banking Law; Bankruptcy; Business Law; Corporate Law; Debtor and Creditor; Commercial Law; Construction Law; Contracts; Education Law; Government; Health Care; Insurance; Labor and Employment; Legal Malpractice; Litigation; Medical Practice; Trucking Transportation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Personal Injury; Products Liability; Professional Liability; Real Estate; Taxation; Toxic Torts; Transportation; Trusts and Estates; Wills; Probate; Workers Compensation; Civil Appeals; Appellate Practice; Dram Shop Liability; Alcoholic Beverage Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration; Mediation; Antitrust and Trade Regulation; Antitrust Class Actions; Deceptive Trade Practices; Unfair Trade; Banking Litigation; Lender Law; Lender Liability; Class Actions; Class Action Defense; Business Arbitration; Business Litigation; Business Mediation; Business Organization; Business Torts; Complex Business Litigation; Family Business Law; Family Business Mediation; Civil Practice; Federal Civil Practice; Commercial Arbitration; Commercial Bad Faith; Commercial Fraud; Commercial Liability; Commercial Litigation; Commercial Mediation; Commercial Torts; Commercial Transactions; Complex Commercial Litigation; Communications and Media; Construction Accidents; Construction Litigation; Consumer Law; Consumer Arbitration; Consumer Class Actions; Consumer Fraud; Consumer Litigation; Consumer Protection; Consumer Rights; Fair Credit Reporting Act; Breach of Contract; Commercial Contracts; Family Law; International Family Law; Fraud and Deceit; Civil Fraud; Fraud; Qui Tam Litigation; Local Government Defense; Local Government Law; Local Government Liability; Governmental Liability; Governmental Law; Environmental Law; Environmental Class Actions; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); Health Law; Medical Law; Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect; Nursing Home Liability; Nursing Home Litigation; Nursing Home Negligence; Pharmacy Law; Hospital Law; Hospital Liability; Hospital Liability Defense; Hospital Negligence; Hospital Premises Liability; Medical Malpractice; Dental Malpractice; Dental Malpractice Defense; Medical Negligence; Nursing Liability; Nursing Malpractice; Nursing Negligence; Pharmacists Liability; Surgeons Liability; Insurance Agents and Brokers Errors and Omissions; Insurance Agents and Brokers Defense; Insurance Bad Faith; Insurance Litigation; Insurance Mediation; Personal Liability; Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists; Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Arbitration; Age Discrimination in Employment; Employer Liability; Employer Rights; Employment at Will; Employment Breach of Contract; Employment Civil Rights; Employment Class Actions; Employment Defense; Employment Law; Employment Litigation; Employment Mediation; Employment Termination; Noncompete Litigation; Noncompetition and Non-Solicitation; Title VII Discrimination; Wage and Hour Class Actions; Wrongful Termination; Wrongful Termination Defense; Leases and Leasing; Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility; Attorney Discipline; Attorney Errors and Omissions; Legal Ethics; Legal Malpractice Defense; Legal Negligence; Legal Professional Liability; Natural Resources; Oil and Gas Litigation; Refinery Injuries; Libel, Slander and Defamation; Defamation; Libel and Slander; Civil Litigation; Complex Litigation; Defense Litigation; E-Discovery; Federal Civil Litigation; Federal Litigation; Long-Arm Litigation; Trial Practice; Negligence; Negligence Defense; Occupational Safety and Health; Motor Carrier Defense; Motor Carrier Law; Motor Carrier Liability; Truck Accidents; Trucking Law; Trucking Liability; Accidents; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Automobile Negligence; Boating Accidents; Bodily Injury; Brain Injury; Bus Accidents; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Catastrophic Injury; Commercial Vehicle Liability; Electrical Injury; Head Injury; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Motorcycle Accidents; Pedestrian Injuries; Personal Injury Appeals; Personal Injury Arbitration; Personal Injury Defense; Personal Injury Mediation; Psychological Injury; Repetitive Stress Injury; School Bus Accidents; Severe Burns; Sexual Abuse; Slip and Fall; Spinal Injury; Third Party Wrongful Death; Traumatic Brain Injury; Whiplash; Wrongful Death; Premises Liability; Inadequate Security; Negligent Security; Premises Liability Defense; Probate Administration; Probate Litigation; Probate Taxation; Automotive Products Liability; Environmental Products Liability; Manufacturers Liability; Product Defects; Product Failure; Product Recall; Product Safety; Product Warning Labels; Products Liability Defense; Tobacco Litigation; Vehicle Rollovers; Warranty Law; Breach of Warranty; Drug and Medical Device Defense; Drug and Medical Device Litigation; Agents and Brokers Errors and Omissions; Agents and Brokers Liability; Clergy Malpractice; Clergy Sexual Misconduct; Professional Liability Defense; Professional Malpractice; Professional Negligence; Railroad Law; Railroad Crossing Accidents; Torts; Civil Liability; Intentional Torts; Mass Torts; Tort Defense; Tort Liability; Asbestos Defense; Asbestos Litigation; Chemical Exposure; Mesothelioma; Mold Litigation; Silicosis Litigation; Toxic Exposure; Toxic Tort Class Actions; Toxic Tort Defense; Estate Administration; Estate Litigation; Estate Planning; Contested Wills; Workers Compensation Appeals; Workers Compensation Arbitration; Workers Compensation Defense; Workers Compensation Mediation; Workers Compensation Self Insurance; White Collar Crime; White Collar Criminal Defense; White Collar Fraud. 211 North Broadway, Suite 2700
St. Louis, MO 63102
Herzog Crebs LLP
27 General Civil Practice, including Trial and Appellate Practice in Federal and State Courts, General Business and Commercial Litigation, General Corporate Transactions and Corporate Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Asbestos and Toxic Tort Litigation, Class Action Defense, Construction Law, Estate Planning, Probate and Trust, Franchise Law, Insurance and Insurance Defense, Mergers and Acquisitions, Products Liability, Real Estate and Land Use, Condemnation, Taxation, Zoning. 100 North Broadway 14th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63102-2728
Hesse Martone, P.C. , P.C.
16 Labor And Employment; Litigation; Administrative Law. 13354 Manchester Road, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63131
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
500 Appellate, Banking & Financing, Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights, Class Action Litigation, Civil Rights Defense, Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Construction Law, Director & Officer Liability, Employee Benefits, Environmental, Fidelity & Surety, General Liability Litigation, Government, Health Care, Insurance Coverage, Insurance and Reinsurance, Labor & Employment, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Mergers & Acquisitions, Municipal Liability, Personal Injury Defense, Public Law, Products Liability Litigation, Professional Liability, Regulatory, Real Estate, School Law, Securities, Taxation, Transportation, White Collar Crime and Workers' Compensation Defense. 701 Market Street, Suite 1300
St. Louis, MO 63101-1843
Holtkamp, Liese, Schultz & Hiliker, P.C.
12 Admiralty, Aviation, Civil Defense Litigation, Construction Law, Employment Law, Environmental, Insurance Defense, Intellectual Property, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Professional Liability, Workers' Compensation Defense 217 North 10th Street, Suite 400
St. Louis, MO 63101-2003
Husch Blackwell LLP
600 Aviation; Airport Operations; Aviation Intellectual Property; Aviation Litigation; Aviation Tax; Business and Private Aviation; Commercial Airline Transactions and Operations; Military Aviation and Government Contracts; Banking and Finance; Construction and Design; Corporate; Closely Held Business; Commercial Contracting; Investment Management; Mergers and Acquisitions; Securities and Corporate Governance; Educational Institutions; Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation; Energy; Energy Acquisitions and Joint Ventures; Energy Financing; Energy Litigation; Energy Marketing and Trading; Energy Regulation; Facility Development and Operations; Oil and Gas; Renewable Energy; Biofuels; Biomass and Landfill Mass; Solar Energy; Wind Energy; Environmental and Natural Resources; Climate Change and Sustainability; Environmental and Chemical Regulation; Franchise and Distribution; Government Compliance, Investigations and Litigation; White Collar Criminal Defense; Government Contracts; Postal Service Contracting; Governmental Affairs; Governmental Ethics and Election Law; Healthcare; Hospitality; Information Governance; Litigation Readiness and Legal Hold Systems; Privacy and Data Security; Records Retention and Information Management; Insolvency; Intellectual Property; Advertising and Marketing; Entertainment and Media; Food Law; Intellectual Property Counseling; Intellectual Property Litigation; Life Sciences; Patents; Technology and E-Commerce; Trade Secrets; Trademarks and Copyrights; International; China; Customs and Trade; Labor and Employment; Immigration; OFCCP Compliance; Safety and Health; Litigation; Antitrust and Unfair Competition; Appellate; Business Litigation; Class Actions; Consumer Services; E-Discovery; ERISA/Employee Benefits Litigation; Insurance Litigation; Medical Malpractice Defense; Nursing Home Litigation Defense; Products Liability; Securities Litigation; Toxic Tort; Trade Secret and Business Information Protection; Real Estate and Development; Levee and Flood Control; Municipal; Public Finance; Tax; Telecommunications; Transportation; Trusts and Estates; Nonprofit Organizations. 190 Carondelet Plaza, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63105-3441
Jackson Lewis P.C .
700 Affirmative Action and OFCCP Planning and Counseling; Corporate Diversity Counseling; Disability, Leave and Health Management; Employee Benefits including Complex ERISA Litigation and Executive Compensation; Global Immigration; Labor, including Preventive Practices; Litigation including Class Actions and e-Discovery; Non-Competes and Protection Against Unfair Competition; Wage and Hour Compliance; Workplace Safety Compliance. 7733 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63105
Korein Tillery LLC LLC
27 Consumer Rights, ERISA/Pension Fund Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Tobacco Litigation, Appellate, Class Actions, False Claims Act, Pharmaceutical/Health Care, Product Liability, Securities Litigation, Telecommunications, Celexa/Lexapro Investigation. 505 North 7th Street, Suite 3600
St. Louis, MO 63101
Kortenhof McGlynn & Burns LLC
10 Civil Trial and Appellate Litigation; Product Liability Defense; Toxic Tort Defense; Premises Liability Defense; Automotive; Personal Injury Defense; Medical Malpractice Defense; Workers Compensation Defense; Warranty; Lemon Law Defense. 1015 Locust Street, Suite 710
St. Louis, MO 63101
Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C
15 Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Litigation, Real Estate 12400 Olive Blvd, Suite 555
St. Louis, MO 63141
Lashly & Baer, P.C.
43 Administrative, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Banking, Business Law, Business Litigation, Business Organizations, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Lending, Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Construction Litigation, Corporate Law, Defending Employers And Insurers Against Workers' Compensation, Defending Physicians, Education Law, Employee Benefits/ERISA, Employment Discrimination, Environmental Litigation, Estate And Business Succession Planning, Federal, General Liability Insurance Defense, Government, Governmental Bodies And Public Agencies, Governmental Institutions, Health And Hospital Law, Health Care Finance, Hospitals, Insurance Coverage Litigation, Insurance Defense Litigation, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Interstate And Intrastate Cargo Disputes, Labor And Employment Law, Land Use, Legal Malpractice Defense, Litigation, Medical Malpractice Defense, Medical Malpractice Defense Litigation, Mergers And Acquisitions, Motor Carrier Law, Municipal Law, Nurses, Nursing Homes, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Premises Liability Litigation, Probate Law, Products Liability Litigation, Property Tax Law, Public Agencies, Public And Governmental Agencies, Public Institutions Law, Real Estate Construction And Development, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Law, Regulatory Law, School Law, Securities Law, State And Local Taxation, Tax-Exempt Bond Financing, Tobacco Litigation, Tort Liability, Transportation Law, Workers' Compensation, Zoning 714 Locust Street
St. Louis, MO 63101
Lewis, Rice & Fingersh, L.C.
150 Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Environment, Healthcare, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Real Estate, Tax, Trusts & Estates 600 Washington Avenue, Suite 2500
St. Louis, MO 63101
Littler Mendelson P.C
900 Affirmative Action/OFCCP Compliance, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Background Checks, Business Restructuring, Class Actions, Competition and Trade Secret Law, Complex Litigation and Jury Trials, Corporate Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Ethics and Compliance, Digital Workplace, Discrimination and Harassment, eDiscovery, Employee Benefits, Employment Taxes, ERISA and Benefit Plan Litigation, Executive Compensation, Healthcare , Higher Education, Hiring, Performance Management and Termination, Hospitality, Immigration, International Employment Law, Labor Management Relations, Leaves of Absence and Disability Accommodation, Legislative and Regulatory Practice, Policies, Procedures and Handbooks, Retail, Staffing and Contingent Workers, Transportation, Wage and Hour, Whistleblowing and Retaliation, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Privacy and Data Security, Workplace Safety and Health (OSHA). One Metropolitan Square, 211 North Broadway, Suite 1500
St. Louis, MO 63102
Mandel & Mandel, L.L.P.
12 Property Damage, Breach of Contract, Commercial Litigation, Business to Business, Hernia Mesh Patch Recall, MRI Contrast Agents, Contact Lens Solution, Personal Injury, Automobile, Trucking, Motorcycle and Construction Accidents, Drugs and Medical Device litigation, Nursing Home Litigation, Slip and Fall, Products Liability, Railroad Accidents, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Gastric Bypass Surgery Malpractice, Liposuction Malpractice, Civil Litigation, Class Action, Complex Litigation, Maritime, Medical Malpractice, Dog Bites, Social Security Disability, Toxic Torts, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, Defective Defibrillators, Whiplash, Seatbelt Injury, Head and Spinal Injuries, Traffic Violations, Insurance Bad Faith, Defects, Business Litigation, Environmental Law, Estate Litigation, ERISA, Business Enterprises and Formation, Breach of Contract. 1108 Olive Street, Fifth Floor
St. Louis, MO 63101-1922
Maune, Raichle, Hartley, French & Mudd, LLC (BV)
31 Mesothelioma; Asbestos Litigation. One Metropolitan Sq., 211 N. Broadway, Ste. 2940
St. Louis, MO 63102
McAnany, Van Cleave & Phillips, P.A.
52 General Civil Trial; Appellate Practice; Administrative Law; Antitrust; Banking Law; Bankruptcy; Business Litigation; Civil Rights; Commercial Law; Corporate Law; Education Law; Employment Law; Insurance; Labor And Employment; Municipal Bonds; Negligence; Personal Injury; Probate; Products Liability; Professional Malpractice; Real Estate; Tax Law; Trust Law; Utility Law; Workers' Compensation; Zoning Law. 505 North 7th Street, Suite 2100
St. Louis, MO 63101
McMahon Berger A Professional Corporation
21 Labor Relations, Civil Rights and Administrative Law, Employment Litigation in all Courts. 2730 North Ballas Road, Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63131
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C .
700 Employment and Labor Law (federal and state); Employment Litigation; Public Employment; Employment Discrimination; Employment Civil Rights; Title VII; ADEA; ADA; Family and Medical Leave Act; Harassment; Affirmative Action; Equal Employment Opportunity Law; Administrative Agency Practice; EEOC Claims; Fair Labor Standards Act; Wage and Hour Law; Wrongful Termination Defense; Whistleblower Litigation; Reductions in Force; WARN Act; Covenants Not To Compete; Unfair Competition and Trade Secret Litigation; Employment Class Actions; Employment Arbitration; National Labor Relations Act; Collective Bargaining; Union Representation Elections; Unfair Labor Practice Charges; Labor Strikes; Immigration Law; Workers Compensation; Employee Benefits; ERISA; Occupational Safety and Health; Mine Safety; Prevailing Wage Litigation; Civil Litigation; Native American Law. 7700 Bonhomme Avenue, Suite 650
St. Louis, MO 63105
Riezman Berger, P.C.
22 Acquisitions and Mergers, Administrative Law, Antitrust, Banking, Business Organizations, Civil Litigation (Trial and Appellate Practice), Condemnation, Corporate Finance, Communications and Media, Creditors Rights and Bankruptcy, Domestic Relations, Employee Benefits, Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Estate Planning, Health, Family Law, Governmental Affairs, Guardianship, Intellectual Property (Patents, Copyright, Trademarks), Municipal Law, Plaintiffs Personal Injury, Probate and Trust Law, Real Estate, Securities, Taxation, Tax Exempt Organizations, Urban Redevelopment, Workers Compensation Representing Injured Workers, Wrongful Death and Zoning. 7700 Bonhomme Avenue, 7th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63105
Rosenblum, Goldenhersh, Silverstein & Zafft, P.C.
17 Litigation; Corporate; Real Estate; Tax Credit Finance; Healthcare; Tax and Estate Planning. 7733 Forsyth Boulevard, Fourth Floor
St. Louis, MO 63105-1817
Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard, P.C.
103 Appellate Practice and Trial Record Preservation, Arbitration and Mediation, Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditor's Rights, Birth Trauma Litigation, Business Strategies and Advice, Class Actions, Commercial Litigation, Construction Litigation, Consumer Fraud, Corporate Formation, Governance and Advice, Corporate Transactions, Employment Litigation, Family Law, Fiduciary and Trust Litigation, Fire / Arson Defense, General Business Law, Government Relations, Health Care Regulatory and Compliance, Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith, Intellectual Property Litigation, Labor and Employment Counseling, Mechanics Liens, Medical Malpractice Defense, Mergers and Acquisitions, Personal Injury and Tort Defense, Product and Toxic Tort Liability, Professional Liability, Public Policy and Regulatory Advice - Municipal Law and Services, Real Estate Litigation, Shareholder Litigation, State Board Disciplinary Proceedings, Tax Advice and Controversies, Trademark and Copyright Litigation, Warranty Litigation, Wealth Planning and Individual Services, White Collar Criminal Defense. 600 Washington Avenue, 15th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63101
Senniger, Powers, Leavitt & Roedel
35 Antitrust, Biochemical Patent Preparation And Prosecution, Bioinformatics, Biological, Biological Patent Prosecution, Biotechnology, Business, Business Crimes And Parallel Proceedings, Chemical Patent Preparation And Prosecution, Commercial Disputes, Computer Systems & Software, Copyright, Corporate Compliance, Diagnostics, Ecommerce, Electronics, False Advertising Law, Gene Therapeutics, Immunological, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, Invalidity And Non-Infringement Opinions, Licensing And Enforcement, Life Science, Litigation, Mechanical, Mechanical Patent Prosecution, Mediation, Metallurgical Patent Prosecution, Molecular, Networking And Telecommunications, Novel Dna And Protein Sequences, Patent, Patent Acquisition And Enforcement (Domestic And Foreign), Patent And Trademark Prosecution, Patent Interferences, Patent Litigation, Patent Portfolio Development And Management, Patent Preparation And Prosecution, Patentability And Clearance Opinions, Patentability And Freedom-To-Operate Opinions, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Patent Preparation And Prosecution, Prosecution Of Chemical, Prosecution Of Patent Applications, Semiconductor Materials And Chemical Processing, Software, Software Hardware, Software Patent Applications, Technology Licensing, Trademark, Trademark Acquisition, Transgenic Plants And Bacteria, Vaccines, White Collar Criminal 100 North Broadway, 17th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63102
Shands, Elbert, Gianoulakis & Giljum, LLP
16 Corporate, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Tax, Trusts & Estates 1 North Brentwood Blvd, Suite 800
St. Louis, MO 63105
Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC
200 Mesothelioma; Asbestos; Business Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property; Antidepressants and Birth Injuries; Avandia; Bextra; Byetta; Digitek and Digoxin; Ephedra and PPA; Hormone Replacement Therapy; NSF and Gadolinium; Ortho Evra Birth Control; Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices; Recalled Heart Devices; Trasylol; Vioxx; Zelnom; Benzene; Occupational Cancer; Occupational Disease; Toxic Exposure. 231 South Bemiston, Suite 525
St. Louis, MO 63105
SmithAmundsen LLC
140 Appellate Practice; Commercial Transportation; Complex Litigation; Construction Law; Employment Law; Entertainment Law; Media Law; Privacy Law; Family Law; Financial Services; Bankruptcy; Creditors' Rights; Commercial Law; Banking Litigation; Finance; Corporate Lending; Health Care; Insurance Services; Coverage; Extra-Contractual; Insurance Bad Faith; Property Law; Fraud; Reinsurance; Product Liability; Professional Liability; Retail; Toxic; Environmental Law; Mass Torts; Workers' Compensation; Sports Law; Sports Licensing; Sports Injury; NCAA Regulation; Sports Marketing Law; Professional Sports Law. 12312 Olive Boulevard, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63141-6448
Stange Law Firm, PC
20 Domestic Litigation; Divorce; Dissolution of Marriage; Child Custody; Visitation Rights; Parenting Time; Grandparent Visitation; Paternity; Fathers Rights; Orders of Protection; Marital; Property Settlement Agreements; Maintenance; Alimony; Child Support; Domestic Violence; Child Relocation Issues; Modifications; Motions to Modify; Contempt; Motions for Contempt; Adoption Law; Juvenile Matters; Prenuptial; Postnuptial Agreements; Family Law; Adoptions; Agency Adoptions; Annulment; Assisted Reproductive Technology; Child Abduction; Child Abuse and Neglect; Child Advocacy; Child Care; Child Custody Mediation; Child Dependency; Child Sexual Abuse; Child Protection; Child Welfare; Childrens Rights; Civil Unions; Cohabitation Agreements; Collaborative Family Law; Community Property Law; Day Care; Divorce Arbitration; Divorce Mediation; Divorce Taxation; Domestic Partnerships; Domestic Relations; Domestic Torts; Equitable Distribution; Family Arbitration; Family Mediation; Foster Care; Gay and Lesbian Family Law; Grandparents Custody; Grandparents Visitation Rights; Independent Adoptions; International Adoptions; International Child Abduction; International Child Custody; International Family Law; Interstate Adoptions; Interstate Child Custody; Interstate Support; Juvenile Dependency; Juvenile Law; Legal Separation; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Distribution; Marital Property Law; Marital Property Settlements; Matrimonial Bankruptcy Law; Matrimonial Law; Military Divorce; Name Changes; No Fault Divorce; Non-Traditional Family Law; Orphans Court Practice; Palimony; Parental Kidnapping; Parental Rights; Post Divorce Modification; Post Nuptial Agreements; Premarital Agreements; Private Adoptions; Qualified Domestic Relations Orders - QDROs; Restraining Orders; Same Sex Marriage; Spousal Support; Step Parent Adoptions; Surrogacy Law; Termination of Parental Rights; Third Party Custody; Uncontested Divorce. 1750 South Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 401
St. Louis, MO 63144
Thompson Coburn LLP
380 Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Environment, Erisa, Government, Healthcare, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Real Estate, Tax, Trusts & Estates One US Bank Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101-1693
William Venker & Sanders
30 Appellate/Complex Motions,Commercial Litigation,Construction Law,Electronic Discovery & Information Management,Employment Law,Healthcare Law,Insurance Law,Personal Injury Litigation / General Liability,Product Liability,Toxic Tort Litigation,Transportation Law. 100 North Broadway, 21st Floor
St. Louis, MO 63102

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