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Who Else Wants Their Phone Ringing Off the Hook with Quality Job Interviews?

If you have always dreamed of getting more interviews and job offers then this may be among the most exciting things you ever read.

My name is Harrison Barnes, and I have spent the past ten years of my life investigating a method for taking every single job, from every single website, and putting all of these jobs in one place. I have dedicated my career to tracking down jobs and getting people jobs and have gotten tens of thousands of people jobs throughout the year. I am on a mission ...

Here is what I've discovered ..

Legal Jobs Are Getting Harder and Not Easier to Find Because They Are in Too Many Locations.

Most legal jobs are not on the job boards you have heard of—Monster, Careerbuilder, HotJobs and so forth. Instead, these jobs are out there on hundreds of thousands of small websites.

  • They are on numerous small job boards;
  • Employer websites;
  • Association websites;
  • Newspaper websites;
  • government websites
  • Government websites and thousands of other places.

In fact, legal jobs are scattered on so many locations out there it is difficult to believe. I cannot believe it myself. Incredibly, legal jobs are scattered in so many places they are difficult to find. I have issued press release after press release about this issue.

"The jobs are disbursed among too many websites," says Barnes. "It used to be you could pick up one or maybe two local newspapers when looking for a job. Now you need access to the web and most job seekers are visiting only a few sites when searching for a job. We visit over 10,000 websites a day to find jobs for our site. There are jobs out there for everyone. Not surprisingly, the job losses being reported by the Labor Department are also largely confined to professions like manufacturing where people do not have access to the web."

According to Barnes, people looking for a job simply cannot find the openings out there. With over 10,000 job sites and even more employer career pages, Barnes believes that the jobs out there are distributed to so many sites that it is getting harder for people to find jobs.

Barnes believes that his EmploymentCrossing.com site is "a good first step" towards solving this problem because it consolidates every job it can find. In addition, EmploymentCrossing.com is a research company and does not charge employers to post jobs—all it does is research jobs.

"EmploymentCrossing's business model is to do nothing but consolidate every single job on our site. I view the number of Internet sites out there with jobs on them as a crisis and job seekers should too," says Barnes.

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What I Discovered in 10+ Years of Researching the Legal Job Market and Getting Tens of Thousands of People Jobs.

There are a lot of people out there who think they know what you need to do in order to get a job. They will tell you how to dress for an interview. How to put together an interesting cover letter. How to smile for interviews. How to do your resume. With some exceptions ...


That's right. You can fart around in the unemployment office or with career counselors and talk about your mother or how your boss had a bad personality and put your resume on fancy paper all you want. None of this is not going to make any difference whatsoever if you do not know where the legal jobs are and have access to job openings.

That's right. The absolute most important thing is that you have access to job openings. Without access to legal job openings you can have the best resume in the world—or that there has ever been—and it will not matter one bit. One iota. Nilch. Zero. Nada.

What we do at LawCrossing is something that is the "bargain of the century" for legal job seekers. We meticulously go out and monitor every website we can find out there for legal jobs and then take those jobs and put them on our site. This is an exercise that requires an incredible number of servers, programmers and other resources to pull off and it is a task that our company spent years developing for you and millions and millions of dollars.

n fact, I am embarrassed to say that this project was so expensive to build that we will be lucky if it ever breaks even within the next several years. I wish I was able to access a website like LawCrossing when I was looking for a job.

You can. When you use LawCrossing you will see more openings that fewer people know about than anywhere else. You will see legal jobs from virtually every small website out there we can find. You will find legal jobs from numerous small websites. You will be able to find an incredible number of jobs that you would not be aware of normally.

Knowing about more job openings means more interviews. More interviews mean more jobs.

There is a final point that I want to bring to your attention about LawCrossing that merits a short discussion because it has the ability to fundamentally change your life.

Very few people know about the jobs that are on employer websites and small job boards and other "out of the way" locations. Because so few people know about these jobs they typically receive few if any applications. (Contrast this with jobs that appear on big sites like Monster, Careerbuilder, HotJobs and so forth.) Due to the jobs on LawCrossing receiving fewer applications, you are likely to receive far more interviews and offers. Additionally, LawCrossing limits access to the legal jobs on its site to people who are LawCrossing members and this keeps the applications to jobs on our site down even more.

LawCrossing is Not Perfect and Does Have Some Limitations.

LawCrossing, however, is not perfect and it does have some limitations. For example, there are lot of employers with career pages we do not have on the site. The amount of job information we are processing through our servers is so extensive that it takes several hours between when we find a job and when it goes live on the site. Nevertheless, we are constantly trying hard and always improving in terms of the speed at which we get legal jobs and how well we do.

LawCrossing is a website that is designed to track down every single job opening in the market. There is nothing like it out there and it is something that will change your career by getting you exposure to more opportunities. Exposure to the maximum amount of opportunities is critical for finding a job

I encourage you to complete your registration today and try LawCrossing Risk-Free for seven days You should consider yourself privileged to know about something most of your friends and acquaintances likely do not.

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