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E-Discovery Provider DISCO to Lay Off 9% of Workforce in Cost-Reduction Initiative

Legal tech company DISCO announced plans to lay off 62 employees, or 9% of its global staff, as stated in a Form 8-K filed with the SEC on January 19,...

CLOs Expect a Decrease in Hiring and Increased Investment in Legal Operations

The annual chief legal officer (CLO) survey by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and Exterro shows that hiring is expected to decrease while...

Bloomberg Law's Law School Innovation Program: A Look at the Finalists' Innovations

As the legal and business worlds evolve, law schools must adapt to provide students with a more comprehensive education that prepares them for their...

The WARN Act: Understanding the Requirements for Advance Notice of Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs

The WARN Act is a federal law that requires employers to provide advance notice and planning mechanisms to their workforce and communities in the...

Legal Career Advice Articles for February 1, 2023

Managing and Retaining Top Talent in a Competitive Legal Market

Summary: Managing and retaining top talent in a competitive legal market is crucial for the success of any law firm. Attorneys and other legal...

The Impact of Recessions on the Legal Market

Summary: The recent economic downturn has significantly impacted the legal industry, leading to widespread law firm layoffs across the country. Many...

The BCG Attorney Search Law Firm Layoff Tracker

Summary: The BCG Attorney Search Law Firm Layoff Tracker is a tool that tracks and updates information on law firm layoffs in the United States. The...

Exploring the Reasons Behind Quitting Law School

Quitting law school can be a difficult decision to make, and there can be many reasons behind it Some students may find that the demands of law...

Fired vs. A Stealth Layoff: How Law Firms End Careers

Summary: What is a stealth lay off when compared to a traditional lay off? Keep reading to find out.

Lawyer Hiring Outlook for 2023: Opportunities Still Available, But Move Quickly

Hiring for lawyers in both in-house and law firm positions is not expected to be as high as in the past two years, but it should still be a good year,...

Understanding the Latest Pay Transparency Laws in the US for 2023

With growing interest from lawmakers, regulations on the amount of salary information employers must disclose to job applicants are becoming more...

Why Law Firms Prefer Hiring Younger Attorneys and Associates

Law firms should think carefully before hiring young attorneys, as there are advantages and disadvantages. While they can bring fresh perspectives and...

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