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Why Job Boards Are Evil!

The only service out there that puts you first and goes out and finds every legal job it can in the market instead of waiting for jobs to come to them!

Why You Should Not Trust Your Career to Websites That Wait for Legal Jobs to Come to Them: Pure Evil Lurks in Most Job Boards!

  1. Nightmares and images of pentagrams
  2. Flashbacks to reading Amityville Horror
  3. A man with a goat head and silver eyes of the size of softballs terrorizes me

Every once in a while, well, every few days, I get a headache and slightly sick to my stomach. It only happens when I think about what I am about to tell you. The pain is slight and I never throw up. The headache is mild but it lasts for several hours usually once it is activated. It is not too much to keep me from working and getting stuff done. It is really unpleasant though.

You see I am hopping mad about something that is hurting your future and your ability to get a legal job. It affects everyone out there and the problem is incredibly serious and it is holding everyone back. The problem is this:

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The entire business model of every job site I am aware of is based on waiting for employers to come to the website to post jobs. Once the employers come to the website, the job board then will charge them hundreds of dollars to post a single job.

Whew... I got that off my chest. Just writing this makes me queasy. I actually have a headache right now. When I think about this business model of other job boards I start thinking about:

  1. Pentagrams and Satanic type rituals.
  2. Men in suits with goat heads and shiny silver eyes of the size of softballs.
  3. The basement with satanic spirits in it in Amityville Horror.
  4. Skulls in black robes with chanting in a dungeon.0
  5. The guy at the end of the Blair Witch Project in the basement.
  6. The guy getting hit with the axe in The Shining.

You see, I believe that other job boards out there are plain evil! They work for "the man," big firms, and employers willing to fork out thousands of dollars per year to post jobs on their websites. Their business is not to find you a job -- it is to sit there waiting for employers to come to them so they can charge them for a job posting on their site.

It is evil to charge employers to post a job because this limits the number of jobs you can see to only the employers willing to pay. This ends up showing you a ridiculously limited number of legal jobs.
I have been through these sorts of economic contractions before and I have learned what steps to take to come out on top in the job market. The companies I run are responsible for getting thousands of people legal jobs each year. Because we are going into what looks like a prolonged economic contraction, I believe you owe it to yourself to spend a minute or two reviewing this email.
The whole situation is even much worse than it sounds, however. In addition to charging employers, most of these job boards then go out and try and get everyone to apply to these jobs. That's right. They advertise the heck out of these jobs and try and get everyone possible to apply. This results in the employers getting overwhelmed with applications and makes your odds of getting the legal job 1 in 500, 1 in 1,000, or 1 in 5,000.
It is not uncommon for employers posting jobs on public job boards to get thousands of applications for a single legal position.
What do you think this does for your odds of getting the position?

The job board industry goes out and promotes themselves with ads in the Super Bowl and other places, and this results in job seekers swarming to these sites and flooding the jobs on them with resumes. This makes it almost impossible for you to get the jobs you are applying to.

The situation gets worse, and writing about it makes me sick. Your goal is to get a legal job and to get a job quickly and in the most effective way possible. In order to do this you need to have access to all of the legal jobs.

I have been in the career industry for a decade, and I can tell you that nothing is more important than having access to all of the legal jobs. This is what it is about—knowing about all the legal jobs. If you do not know about all of the legal jobs out there, everything changes. Access to all the legal jobs and having more opportunities makes all the difference. I am going to get into some of the stuff I just touched on in more detail below.

LawCrossing Is a Job-Aggregation Service and Shows You Every Legal Job in the Market It Can Find.
LawCrossing is a job-aggregation service and goes out and consolidates every single legal job it can find from every single source it can. LawCrossing does not wait for advertisers to come to it. It goes out and grabs job off of every website out there—employer career pages, other job boards, association websites, government websites, newspaper websites, and more. Basically, we take jobs from every single place we can find them.
The business model of the average employment site we are aware of is a like the classified section of a newspaper: It waits for employers willing to pay large sums of money to post a legal job on its site to call them with a job. The only jobs you are seeing are the jobs that employers are paying to post.

This has the effect of limiting the number of jobs that are available for you to see. It would be like if Google only showed you results that people were paying $500 to show.If this occurred, you would get very few results when you searched. This is exactly how the average employment site works. Even if an employers do call a job board to post a legal jobs, they are unlikely to post all of them because it costs too much money. Instead, the employers will put the job on their websites most often.

What LawCrossing does is go out and find every single one of these legal jobs. We contact employers seeking all their jobs and we do it in multiple ways.

  • We contact employers directly seeing if they have legal jobs.
  • We scour employer websites for their jobs electronically and monitor their jobs several times a day to see if jobs are coming up.
  • We also monitor every single other job board we can find out there to make sure that we have all of the legal jobs in one place.
  • We monitor every newspaper, association, and other online job site we can find for jobs.

This is a huge advantage and something that gives you access to legal jobs that people who do not use LawCrossing simply do not know are there.

It actually is much worse than this, however. In addition to only showing you a limited number of jobs that employers are paying hundreds of dollars to post, the same job boards do everything they can to drive traffic to their sites.

"Because employers are paying so much money to post jobs, they expect a ton of applications. Accordingly, these job boards go out and do everything they can to drive users to these jobs. Their entire emphasis is on getting tons of people to apply to the jobs. The problem with this sort of business philosophy is that it actually makes it much harder for people applying for jobs to get jobs. Incredibly, when people are using the average job board they are using a site whose entire business model is based on keeping jobs out and making people apply to the few jobs that are there."

When you see a job board advertising:

  • on the side of a bus,
  • on a bench,
  • on television,
  • on the Super Bowl,
  • on the radio,
  • in giant ads in the newspaper,
  • in giant ads in magazines,
  • in parades,
  • on blimps,

and other places, you should look upon this particular job board with trepidation. The reason why is they are trying to drive people to jobs and all of this marketing does and will work.

If a job board advertises, this means there are going to be more people applying to the legal jobs you are interested in and it is going to be much harder for you to find the right job.>

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There Are Thousands of Job Boards Out There with Legal Jobs on Them.

The final thing that is so alarming to me is the fact that there are so many job boards out there. Jobs from employers can be found in the following places:

  • Government websites
  • Association websites
  • Public interest websites
  • University and school websites
  • Small job boards
  • Medium job boards
  • Large job boards
  • Industry-specific job boards
  • Community job boards
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Specialty publications
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

The list of places where legal jobs can be tracked down and found is nothing short of insane. We are dedicated to making sense of this insanity at LawCrossing: We track down every single legal job that we can find from every single source that we can find.

When you think about using a job board that charges employers and sits around waiting for jobs, you are really short changing yourself. Why would you do this?

The average job board charges employers to list their openings. They may charge $500 or more to list their openings. The amount of money charged really keeps employers from posting their jobs and serves to keep jobs out and not bring jobs in. The high amount of money it costs to post a job also virtually insures that very few jobs will make it to the site.

LawCrossing is different. We do not charge employers anything whatsoever to post their jobs. In addition, we also go out and find employers jobs. We do everything within our power to track down these jobs and get them on our site.

We like how we operate. Our core mission is to find legal jobs and do so at all costs. We never, ever charge employers to post their openings on our site. Why would a job board want to make it more difficult for people to find jobs?

LawCrossing Finds Tens of Thousands of New Jobs Per Day.
Each day we get over 10,000 new legal jobs. We are finding jobs at such a rapid and alarming pace that the odds are you would have a very difficult time getting through all the jobs we have each day even if you dedicated yourself to this full time. We get more new jobs in a single day than many job boards get all year!

The benefits of being able to access so many jobs are that you have the ability to make decisions in your life:

  • about where you want to work
  • about whom you want to work for
  • about what you want to be doing

More jobs give you more choice. More choice gives you more opportunities to succeed and have the life and career that you want. This is what happens when you use our site—we show you jobs from everywhere. Knowing everything that is going on in the market and that is out there is the best thing you can possibly do for your career and job search.

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The most effective way to search for a job is to have access to opportunities that few know about and fewer are applying to.There isn't a more effective method of going about a job search. My general experience is that there are approximately 5 to 10 times as many jobs out there as are advertised on most job boards. The jobs that are not advertised on common job boards are also typically the easiest to get because fewer people are applying for them.
In addition, the jobs that are not advertised are typically those at the largest and best firms and other companies—those with internal career boards. Many of these firms and companies have so many excellent jobs that they would never consider posting them on a job board due to the high fees associated with doing so (the last I checked, I think Monster was charging employers around $500 per job posting).
Virtually every single job board out there is sustained by advertisers. This means that you see only the jobs that advertisers are paying to advertise. Many employers have hundreds of openings. They rarely post these positions on job boards, however. Instead, they put them on their websites for people to find. The truth of the matter is that very, very few people are visiting employer websites to look for jobs.

Most Job Boards Are Supported by Recruiting Firms. In addition, everyone knows that most job boards are supported by recruiting firms. When you apply to a recruiting firm, you are not applying to the employers at all. You are applying to someone to send your resume to the employers (that's right, you could be rejected by the employers without even applying). In addition, recruiting firms charge fees to employers, which most do not want to pay. So when you submit your resume using this method, you don't have access to most job opportunities, and, in effect, limit your options significantly. Yes, this is crazy, but this is how it is most often done.

Job Aggregation Is the Most Effective Job-Search Method. LawCrossing is a "job aggregator" that:

  • Tracks down legal jobs from multiple sites (including employer sites) that few people knew about;
  • Contacts employers directly for their jobs (and posts the jobs at no cost to employers);
  • Catalogues, stores, and maintains all of the jobs in one place; and
  • Charges a small fee to members to compensate for the amount of work involved in finding these jobs, thereby indirectly limiting the number of people who view the jobs (the fact is, most prefer methods that don't cost them anything).

The Results of Using LawCrossing Speak for Itself.
People who use LawCrossing to conduct their job searches typically:

  • Spend no more than a couple of weeks searching for a new legal position;
  • Receive far more offers; and
  • Find positions they are happier with in cultures and conditions they enjoy more.

In addition, they are rarely in competition with other people who are applying for these jobs. In fact, they go to more job interviews fewer are competing for. As a result, employers are more apt to notice them from the smaller pool of applicants when they apply for a job.
It is very common for many of the most successful people out there to be members of LawCrossing. Most of these successful people belong to a job-aggregation service even when they are not looking for a legal position. These people know it is always good to be aware of what is available in the market—just in case better opportunities come along.

Made Just for You
Our site exists just for you and no one else. We do everything within our power to insure that we are providing you information which is relevant to you and only you. Your career is important and you should not be spending your time on a website that does not understand you and your needs.

I would like to encourage you to sign up for LawCrossing today. You can try LawCrossing FREE for three days.

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Why Job Boards Are Evil!