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Private - Versus- Public Job Boards

"Here is a Simple, Idiot-Proof Way to More Than Quadruple The Number of Interviews and Offers You Receive Over the Next 45 Days."

LawCrossing Provides You an Edge over Your Competition in the Job Market That is So Strong that it is Almost Not Fair: Feeling Sorry for Your Friends


Once you start using LawCrossing you are actually going to feel sorry for the people you know out there who are using public job boards. You will start hearing them say things like: "I'm keeping my fingers crossed" and "No one ever calls me back after I submit my resume."

These sorts of statements are extremely common among people using public job boards that allow anyone with an Internet connection to apply to the jobs on them. It is not the fault of the people using the public job boards. If anything, you will soon be sympathetic with this. It is just that once employers post jobs on public job boards they are typically overwhelmed with hundreds if not thousands of applications. Your odds of getting any of these jobs are very slight—especially in a bad economy.

You see, public job boards make their money by charging employers to post jobs on them and then driving as many users as they possibly can to those jobs by advertising everywhere they possibly can.

I do not care how damn good your resume is, the chances are when you are applying to jobs on most public job boards you will not hear anything after emailing your resume. Zero. Nilch. Nada.

I have been a recruiter and it used to be my job to review hundreds of resumes a day. There are so many people looking for jobs out there it is impossible for recruiters, employers and others to respond to all the applications if employers or recruiters are doing a good job publicizing their job openings. That is ... if an employer is doing a good job publicizing job openings.

There is a secret to the job market I am about to teach you that can change your life right now: Most employers do not know how to publicize their job openings. Many employers go out and put their ads on massive job sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and so forth.

LawCrossing is a private job board and we do not charge employers to post jobs. In fact, what we do is completely different: LawCrossing actually goes out and searches for every single job it can find in the market by reviewing hundreds of thousands of job boards, employer career pages, newspaper websites, association websites and more. We then take all of those legal jobs and put them on our site. We are taking legal jobs from places that people simply do not know about and your competitors are not finding. When you apply to jobs on LawCrossing you get a better response from employers and more interviews and more job offers. It makes a huge difference.

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The Rules About How to Find Jobs Are Changing: "Toto We're Not in Kansas Any More"

I remember when I was looking for a job a long time ago. The world was much different back then. There were simply not as many locations where you could find jobs. While a lot of the jobs were in a variety of local newspapers, very few of them had migrated online yet. I want to be clear that there were an incredible number of jobs online; however, it was nothing like it is today.

Today the world is a much, much different place.

  • There are tens of thousands of association websites that post jobs for their members.
  • There are over 40,000 job sites.
  • There are over 100,000 employer websites with jobs on them.
  • There are thousands of federal, state and local government websites with jobs on them.
  • There are thousands of university websites with jobs on them.
  • There are thousands of newspaper websites with jobs on them.

I could fill up pages and pages listing the incredible number of sources of jobs on various websites. In fact, there are so many sources of jobs out there it boggles the mind. Since my job today involves running a company which goes out and searches for these legal jobs, I can tell you that there are numerous new sources of legal jobs emerging each day.

In short, the rules about how to find jobs are changing. It is no longer just about picking up your local newspaper to look for jobs. There are so many different sources of jobs out there that you would need multiple supercomputers to find them all and armies of people cataloguing all of these jobs as well.

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This is precisely what we do at LawCrossing and something no public site out there does.

  • Public sites with jobs visible to anyone with an Internet connection support themselves by soliciting and tracking down employers willing to pay hundreds of dollars to post a single job on their site.
  • -versus-

  • LawCrossing is a private job board and supports itself by nominal subscription fees it charges job seekers for taking every job out there from every source and putting it in one place.

The differences between a private job board like LawCrossing and public job boards are incredibly substantial. Some of the main benefits of LawCrossing compared to a public job board are:

  1. There Are Hundreds of Thousands of More Jobs on LawCrossing Than on Other Sites There are hundreds of thousands of more jobs on LawCrossing than on other sites because we take jobs from every legal job site and other sites we can find and put them all on our site for you.

    Unlike sites that refer to themselves as "job search engines", we do not charge employers and others for the privilege of taking their legal jobs and posting them on our site. Instead, we just go ahead and take jobs of newspaper sites, employer sites, other job boards-you name it.

  2. There Are Fewer Applicants to Most of the Jobs on LawCrossing Because LawCrossing is gathering jobs from an incredible number of small websites, employer websites and other places that are completely "off the radar" for most job seekers, there are generally far fewer applications (if any applications) to the jobs that are on our site.

    Because LawCrossing charges a fee for job seekers to search for jobs on its site, this keeps most job seekers out. In fact, the fear people have of "getting ripped off" and so forth is something that works to your advantage because these same people do not end up trying LawCrossing and applying to the same jobs you ultimately will end up getting ...

    Many employers are just plain cheap and only post their ads on their own site. Instead of spending $500 to post a job on Monster many employers would rather pay $20 to post a job on a small website with no traffic. (Paradoxically, in a bad economy employers start posting more of their jobs in cheaper places—or on their own websites, which costs them nothing—and more such "unknown" jobs make it to LawCrossing. The posting the employers do on the site with no traffic ends up getting no applications and when you apply (having found the job on LawCrossing) you stand out and are likely to get the job.

    It's not your problem that most employers do not market their jobs effectively, or are too cheap to do so. You can use this to your advantage like our members do each day to get more interviews and offers—in any economy.

  3. We Do Not Charge Employers Anything to List Legal Jobs With Us Since our site is free to post jobs on, employers happily send us their jobs. Nevertheless, we need to be clear that the real benefit of LawCrossing is the jobs that we take from others sites. There are over 40,000 job sites, 100,000+ employer sites and more with jobs on them. Our business is aggregating all of this information for you.
  4. LawCrossing is Different from Other Job Boards Because it Goes Out and Collects Every Job Out There and Puts it On its Site. LawCrossing is a job aggregator. Simply put, what we do is go out and look for and find every single job that we can find from every source and using incredibly sophisticated technology take all of these jobs and sort through them and put them all on our site. The result is that when you come to LawCrossing you are seeing every single job in the market that we can find.

    Every other job site that we are aware of out there is not a job research company like we are. Instead, these job sites are job classified sales companies. What these sites do is go out and sell job posting to employers.

If someone told me that I would have to pay to use a given job board I am almost certain about the words which would come to mind right away. These words would include "scam", "come on" and all sorts of other words which would imply that the job board or other method of looking for jobs was something that was evil. These descriptions ignore a basic fact: When you pay for something it is typically much better than something that is free. (Here, you are dealing with your career and life and having access to every job we can possibly find is an extremely small price to pay.) Similarly, something that is private is typically much better than something that is public.

If you have ever been to a private golf course, a private country club, or something else like this you know that the quality of what is going on is typically much better than something that allows everyone in. There are fewer lines, better service, more tee times and so forth. We seek out things that are private because they are typically much better than things that are public.

People try and get into the most competitive colleges, for example, due to the higher quality of them compared to public institutions open to everyone. LawCrossing is like a private club and it gives tremendous benefits to its members that far exceed those of a public job board. Our site charges people to be members and this excludes most legal job seekers. In return, our members get access to every single legal job that we can find and the peace of mind of knowing they are giving themselves the most options in the employment market. Our members also typically get far, far more interviews and jobs with their choice employers than people on competing sites.

Our members at LawCrossing would generally prefer you do not become part of our private site because you are competition for the same legal jobs they are after.

I have done my part in telling you about the site and we do offer a 100% risk-free seven days trial if you are interested.

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