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Why You Are Not Aware?

"Who Else Would Like to Not Miss The Jobs Out There?"

- People spinning their wheels for years looking for jobs

- Mother in Chicago with a law degree goes on welfare

- Father of six cannot find work after a decade making more than $200,000 a year


I have been in the job search business for more than a decade and I am seriously sick to my stomach on almost a daily basis when I hear stories about people who are unemployed and are having serious financial issues.

The stories are just as heart wrenching for me when I hear about people who lose jobs making $1,000,000 a year as they are for people making $25,000 a year. Having a good legal job is so important in all of our lives. Having a good job is related to

  • Your health and appearance
  • Your ability to save for the future
  • Your prosperity
  • The praise you get from your family and others
  • Your ability to be taken seriously in the world
  • Your overall happiness
  • Your self esteem

Before we go any further there is something I really need to get off my chest right now and insure you understand ...

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There are plenty of legal jobs out there. You just do not know where to look. I do not want to upset you, but the odds are extremely good that you have been going about looking for a legal job in the wrong way for your entire career. Most people never learn how to look for a job.

And it gets even worse than this ...

If you are currently in a job search you are probably missing and never aware of at least 95% of the legal jobs you are qualified for. You never even know they are there. Not only do you not apply to them ... you never even become aware of them. You never become aware of them due to the fact that they are in places you could possibly never find them

Even if you had weeks to sit in front of a computer ...

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Jobs Are Scattered in So Many Different Places That it Would Be Impossible for You to Find Them Even if You Tried.
Where are all the legal jobs? They are in an incredible number of places ... so many places it would boggle your mind. Jobs can be found:

  • On thousands of association websites
  • On 10,000+ different job boards
  • On 100,000+ employer career pages (i.e., employer websites)
  • On local government websites
  • On nonprofit organization websites
  • On the websites of small newspapers
  • On the websites of large newspapers
  • On state government websites
  • etc., etc., etc., ...

This is where all the legal jobs are. The jobs are not on most of the career sites you have heard of. The legal jobs are in hundreds of thousands of different places waiting to be found. Our objective at LawCrossing and what we do is to take all of these legal jobs and put in one place.

More interviews for you.
More jobs for you.
More opportunities for you.

If you had all the time in the world .. you might be able to see all of these legal jobs if you went through all of these websites one by one and looked for jobs that matched your interests. It might take you 100+ years ... but you could do it.

You Could Do The Work We Do At LawCrossing Yourself Each Day if You Had 100+ Years Each Day.
What LawCrossing does is pretty simple. Using incredibly complex technology and lots and lots of people, we pull every legal job we can find from every job board and every other websites and filter all of that information and put it on our site. We are, essentially, a search engine that searches out every legal job in the world. Because we are proactive in our search we are able to show you that 95% of the legal jobs you are missing in your search right now.

Now ... not next week, not next month and not next year ... is the time to become a member of LawCrossing and see those other 95%+ of the jobs that you are missing. You deserve to have access to all the legal jobs instead of spinning your wheels looking at the same 5% of the jobs everyone else is.

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