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Who Else Never Wants To Worry About Recessions And The Legal Job Market Again?

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In just a second I am going to show you how to get access to the most incredible legal job-searching tool in existence — a tool that is going to change your legal career.

First, however, well, I can't risk you not reading any further without understanding what a freakin' opportunity this is for you to change your job search forever.

So let's be clear about what is involved here:

  1. A $10,000,000+ super computer tool operated on hundreds of servers in a secret location that is combing the Internet and other job sites for every single legal job there is. Technology so advanced that not even people like Google have it,
  2. An army of people who do nothing but identify new sources of legal jobs, and
  3. A battalion of programmers who are fine tuning this job-searching machine 24 hours a day to make it more and more powerful.

This job-searching tool is so advanced that it searches more sites and classifies more legal jobs on its own than you could probably do in a year if you had the time. The site is that powerful.

Recession, bad job market or not, the most important thing you can do is get access to every single legal job out there. This changes everything. Let me ask you:

  1. If you know about only 5 legal jobs in the market, is it a bad market?
  2. If you know about 500 legal jobs in the market, is it a bad market?

What we do at LawCrossing is we go out and find and aggregate every legal job we can find out there. As an example, we show you 500 jobs instead of the 5 jobs you will see on other sites. If you know about 500-times more legal jobs you are going to do much, much better in your job search. This is just the way it is. More jobs = more interviews and more job offers.

LawCrossing Changes the Game and Employers in a Recession. As you are no doubt aware, with the current fluctuations in the economy, the legal job market is beginning to slow dramatically. A large number of companies and firms have begun layoffs and there are no signs that the situation will improve anytime soon. The United States is now clearly in a serious recession.

I have been through these sorts of economic contractions before and I have learned what steps to take to come out on top in the job market. The companies I run are responsible for getting thousands of people legal jobs each year. Because we are going into what looks like a prolonged economic contraction, I believe you owe it to yourself to spend a minute or two reviewing this email.

The Current Economic Situation Is Similar to the Dramatic Contraction of Work Between 2000 and 2002 But Is Now More Severe.You Need to Take Action Now.
The current economic situation is somewhat analogous to what occurred in 2000-2001—but now it is much more severe. There was an economic boom ("the Internet bubble") that created a great deal of work, then the bubble burst and much of the work (and jobs) disappeared.

More recently, we had a real estate boom which created a great deal of work and now it has slowed dramatically. This has affected the financial and real estate sectors the most; however, a lack of liquidity in the market will likely have broad implications for many other sectors as well.

What occurred in 2000-2001 was quite shocking. Tens of thousands lost their jobs. What made this so absurd was that many employers did not call these layoffs; instead, employees were told they were being let go for performance reasons. I knew of many people who went to great schools like Stanford who, after losing their jobs, ended up moving back in with their parents, and are now in completely different careers.
(As an aside, if your work is good and you or others in your organization are being told there is a problem with your performance — look out. This is often a sure sign that the employer is experiencing serious economic problems. Firms and companies typically do not lay off people — they let them go under the guise of performance-related problems.)

Now Is the Time to Aggressively Investigate What Is Going on in the Market Even if You Are Still Happily Employed.
In my experience, those who come out on top when the market shifts dramatically are those who go "all out" in their search for information — they leave no stone unturned. Some think they are too special or are too proud to go all out. They are under the impression that employers should come to them or they need to be circumspect with employers. The object is to stay employed and weather a recession. Let your competition be passive in their search. You should be aggressive to protect your career.

Even if you are not currently seeking a legal position, now is the time to be aware of what is available in the market so you can be prepared if conditions with your current employer change.If you are actively seeking a position, it is important that you be as thorough as possible in your search. You need to give yourself as many options as possible. Do not be a victim of the economy. Take charge of your career and your life.

It Is Extremely Important to Keep Yourself Educated About the Market at All Times.

LawCrossing visits every job board and every employer website we can find for you. We then consolidate all the legal jobs onto the site, so that you can easily refine your search.
I started this company because I wanted to help people find positions they could not get through traditional means. LawCrossing has helped many people and is an essential tool for countless job seekers in the United States.

The reason LawCrossing is so popular is because it provides access to legal jobs you would ordinarily not know about. Having access to this information can have a profound impact on your career.

Given the current state of the job market, I strongly encourage you to get a $1 TRIAL on LawCrossing today. While the number of legal jobs available in the market is declining on a daily basis, there are still thousands of opportunities if you know where to look. Finding those opportunities for you is what LawCrossing does best.