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Why You Need to Manage Your Job Search in One Place
The Most Amazing Job Search Organization Tool You'll Ever Use

Why LawCrossing is a "Game Changer" for Organizing Your Job Search

- Jobs scattered on tens of thousands of websites

- The situation is worsening by the day

- Crashing a Palm Pilot with too many contacts

- Upgrading to more powerful software.


I am about to tell you about something that can change your career and life forever. If you follow my advice you will be richly rewarded and if you choose not to listen to what I am about to tell you, then I cannot make any promises about what will happen to you.

The Damage You Have Done Yourself in Your Legal Job Search to Date Makes Me Sick: It's NOT Your Fault, However.
You see, no matter who you are and no matter where you live the chances are you have been making a horrible mistake in terms of how you have been searching for a legal job for most of your life.

  • You have not found the best legal jobs you are capable of finding;
  • You have not gotten legal jobs as quickly as you are capable of;
  • You have missed numerous opportunities available.

I do not know how much damage this has done. You cannot possibly know either. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and you have had an incredible string of luck that has enabled you to find the best legal job every time. But I sincerely doubt this because the odds are so stacked against you it is hard to believe.

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In Order to Be Successful in Your Legal Job Search You Need to Know About Every Single Legal Job: Lessons From an Anal Retentive Job Seeker.
I have dedicated my entire career to getting good people like you jobs. The more you do something the more you learn. In fact, several years ago I too was in the job market and looking for a job. I hated what I was doing and it looked like my employer was about to go out of business at the time. None of this is all that fun.

I want to confess to you at the outset that I am extremely anal retentive and focused on details. When I do something I want to know everything there is to know about it. I research every possible angle I can and I obsess over it. For example, when I got a mortgage on my first house I probably read at least 4 or 5 books cover to cover to understand the mortgage process before I did anything with a mortgage.

One of the things I have always believed in is that you need to be thorough with everything that you do. You need to know everything there is to know because one fact, one little thing, can change everything. This is something I believe about job searching in particular. In fact, I feel passionate about this. When you are looking for a legal job the single most important thing that you can do is know about every single legal job out there. The more jobs you know about

  • the better your odds of getting a job
  • the better your odds of getting the best job
  • the better your odds of getting more interviews
  • the better your odds of getting a job close to home
  • the better your odds of getting a job that matches your interests
  • the better your odds of getting a job with a higher salary
  • the better your odds of getting a job with better benefits
  • the better your odds of getting a job with a more stable organization
  • the better your odds of getting a job where you have a future
  • the better your odds of getting a job where you like the people you will be working with
  • the better your odds of getting a job that makes the best use of your skills
  • the better your odds of getting a job that allows you to positively influence the world
  • the better your odds of getting a job where you will receive positive praise from others
  • the better your odds of getting a job where you will get to spend more time with your family
  • the better your odds where you will have more time to take vacations
  • the better your odds of getting a job where you can be you

The list goes on and on. The name of the game is finding the best legal opportunities and having access to the most opportunities. The more information you know the better off you are going to be. This is something I firmly realized in my job search way back then.

I was luckier than most of you are today. When I was looking for a job it was late 1999. At that time there were only a few job boards out there. Moreover, there were only a couple of hundred employers in the legal field in Los Angeles who also put their jobs on their websites. What I did at the time was to track all of the jobs and firms with jobs and entered all of the websites of employers and job boards and other sources into my Palm Pilot—a little software gadget that was in vogue back then.

I estimate that I spent at least 200 hours working on my little project before I could not take it any more. I mean, I began to lose track of all the job sites and could not make sense of anything. My little Palm Pilot just could not keep up. Exasperated I switched to a more powerful commercial software program called ACT! and this worked better. But the task was still arduous and I was far from able to track all of the jobs out there and I was just looking at Los Angeles!

What I soon realized was that this was a formidable task. Because there are so many employer websites with jobs on them out there, I very rapidly realized that keeping track of all of the places I needed to apply to in order to be sure I was being thorough in my job search was going to be something that was next to impossible.

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Fast Forward to 2005: Organizing Every Job in One Place on LawCrossing.
By 2005 I had not only quit my job and started an employment company, I now had a company of over 700 employees—most of who were dedicated to building an incredibly powerful search engine to consolidate every single job out there:

  • Jobs from every job board (today there are over 40,000 of them),
  • Jobs from every employer site (today there are well over 100,000 employers with jobs on their websites)
  • Jobs from government sites
  • Jobs from public interest sites
  • Jobs from recruiter sites

I'm talking about every single legal job. Today we have literally hundreds of servers and employees organizing all of this information. This massive operation quite literally started on a Palm Pilot and now is the most sophisticated job finding operation on Earth. We are incredibly serious about this.

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Your Career and Life Will Change When You Know About All the Jobs.
Why does any of this matter to you? It matters because it is going to change your career and it is going to change your life. You can go to LawCrossing and see every single job out there that is a fit for you and you can find all of this information in one place.

We have literally thousand of testimonials on our site from people whose lives and careers have been changed by this. This is something that is going to change your career as well. You need to be able to manage all of your job applications in one place. There is nothing more effective out there.

Tens of millions of dollars of technology will all be at your fingertips tracking down literally every single job out there for you. This will be an incredible benefit for you and it is something you can try RISK FREE for three days. Virtually everyone who tries our site and uses it tells us it something they wish they did sooner.

We want you to be part of our family at LawCrossing. Click here to try LawCrossing free for three days today.

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