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Blow Away Your Competition With LawCrossing.

"Incredibly Powerful Job-Aggregation Site Reveals Jobs You Will Not See on Other Job Boards That Massively Increases the Number of Interviews and Jobs You Receive and Allows You to Blow Away Your Competition in the Job Market — Regardless of How Difficult You Think the Job Market Is and Practically Wherever You Live!"

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If you're sick and tired of following the same old plain vanilla ways to look for a legal job — and if you're looking for the simplest, proven way to get more interviews, job offers, and see a non-stop flood of job leads, then you need to try LawCrossing for $1 for 7 days right now.

Believe it or not...

LawCrossing Is the FASTEST and Easiest Way to Find Employers with the Latest Job Openings That Are Ready to Hire You Right Now!

I could tell you all day about LawCrossing and how it is going to change your career but for simplicity sake I will just list some of the top reasons that LawCrossing is going to change how you think about looking for a job forever.

1. Most Other Job Boards Only Post Ads for Employers Who Pay to Post There.

Think about this for a minute. If a job board is only posting positions for firms/companies that are paying to post their jobs there, how many positions do you think the job board is going to have?

This essentially places you at the whim of

  • the job board's ability to sell job postings; and,
  • an employer's interest in paying hundreds of dollars to post an ad.

If the economy is in poor shape, the job board may have hardly any ads to speak of. Furthermore, what salesman in their right mind is going to have any interest in selling job postings to employers in a bad economy when there are hardly any jobs? What employer in their right mind is going to pay hundreds of dollars to post jobs on a website in a bad economy?

That is the reason why most other job boards have less than 5% of the legal jobs that are on LawCrossing. Are we making sense yet?

LawCrossing does not charge employers to post jobs. In fact, it goes one step further by having a staff of hundreds of employees and complex technology that does nothing but research the market and put the jobs it finds on our site at no cost to employers. In addition, we contact employers and ask them to post their jobs with us, and because we do not charge them to do so, they almost always post their jobs with us when they have vacancies.
Are we making sense yet? Can you understand what a huge advantage this can mean for you?

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2. LawCrossing Works Because It Shows You Unadvertised Legal Jobs and Jobs Others Do Not Know About: Other Job Boards Do Not Work Like LawCrossing Because They Work for Employers and Not You.

The most serious issue with many job boards is that they simply do not work. The reason for this is clear: On most job sites, you are only seeing a small fraction of the legal jobs that are available in the market. You may apply for jobs on these sites, but you will seldom get the real results you should be getting.

Each day, we receive testimonials from numerous people who have found positions through LawCrossing. Having access to all of the legal jobs in the market at one time makes a giant difference. It is like "night and day" to most job searchers.

The main reason that LawCrossing works so well is also very subtle but it makes an incredible difference: LawCrossing shows you jobs that other people do not know anything about. These unknown jobs can sit for weeks, months, and years on

  • Small regional job boards.
  • Local newspapers in small towns.
  • Obscure and not so obscure association websites no one knows anything about.
  • Employer websites (in fact, most jobs out there are on employer websites because it costs employers nothing whatsoever to post a job on their own site).

It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about people wasting away their days, careers, and lives on sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, and others. These people are taking a massive risk with their careers because they are applying to the same jobs everyone else is as well.

The biggest secret in marketing and everything else is going after the opportunities that no one else knows about. When you are applying to jobs on big sites, you are applying to the same jobs everyone in the United States and around the world is applying to. They are drawn to these jobs by flashy television commercials and other publicity. You need to get your job applications in front of employers who are not aggressively advertising their jobs so your applications stick out.

This is how LawCrossing is going to change your life and job search forever.

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3. Most Other Job Boards Are Nonexclusive.

With most job boards, anyone with an Internet connection can apply for a legal job on the site. On nonexclusive job sites, because they are public, employers are often overwhelmed with applications, and this makes it much more difficult for you to stand out. When the job market gets bad, employers often receive so many applications in response to given postings that their email crashes!
In order to apply for positions on LawCrossing, we require that people be subscribers. The vast majority of our positions come directly from employer websites, obscure regional publications and association websites, where, for the most part, the only people applying for them are LawCrossing members.
Most employers simply do not have a good idea how to promote their jobs and on LawCrossing we make this work for you.
In many cases, jobs on employer websites receive so few applications that most of these employers will believe you were interested in their firms/companies and simply went to their websites and saw they had advertised openings. They will be flattered. Very few people go to employer websites and apply to jobs.
Employers also like LawCrossing because they know they are only going to get a limited number of applicants compared to other sites. In fact, on most job boards, an employer advertising a position will likely get applications from cooks, engineers, and others who have nothing to do with the job that is posted. When employers post jobs on LawCrossing they receive applications from people who are qualified and appropriate. We are the "first and last stop" for numerous employers seeking to fill various positions.
Here is the real kicker ...

Because LawCrossing finds jobs and charges membership fees to see these jobs, our members have far fewer people to compete with when applying for jobs. Being part of an exclusive site makes a gigantic difference and provides you with a significant edge you would not have using other sites. When you join LawCrossing, you stand out.

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4. Most Other Job Boards Do Not Allow You to Monitor What Is Really Going on in the Market.

As discussed above, most other job boards only put the jobs on their sites that advertisers are willing to pay for. This results in an extremely limited number of positions on these sites.
Most LawCrossing members join our site for the simple reason that they want to always know what is going on in the legal market. You deserve

  • To know if you are in demand,
  • What the salary range is for your position,
  • What is going on across the country (or world), and
  • When your dream job comes up.

Your dream job could come up any day on LawCrossing. If you are not a member, you could miss it.
LawCrossing is not in the business of selling classified job posting ads to employers like other job posting sites. Instead, we are in the business of researching and consolidating all of the jobs in the market. LawCrossing has hundreds of researchers, extremely sophisticated monitoring technology, and other tools to ensure that we show you exactly what is going on in the market at all times.

We go to great lengths for LawCrossing members and collectively spend an incredible amount of time 24 hours a day conducting research on your behalf. The result is that we can show you just about every job that is advertised anywhere out there.

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5. Most Other Job Boards Are Not Specialized. We Are.

When a job board is not specialized, you get a smattering of everything. You may find some of this and some of that, but you will not find even a fraction of the jobs out there. Most job boards are not specific, and for that reason, they waste your time.
All we do at LawCrossing is post jobs in your specific niche. We are extremely good at this. Because we are so specialized, we know about every place we can find the jobs in your niche, and we know every employer who can offer them. Our efforts are focused. We are also a company that specializes exclusively in legal industry.
You deserve to use a site that consolidates jobs just in your industry. This saves you a tremendous amount of time.

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