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What is LawCrossing?

"They may not believe you when you tell them how many interviews and job offers you got..."

The Most Amazing Job Site You Will Ever Experience: Be Part of an Epic Mission That Seeks Out Every Legal Job in the World!
  • Every legal job we can find in the world
  • See millions of hours of research
  • Your job search and life is about to change forever

LawCrossing is a site that is all about you. Using LawCrossing you can:

  • Get job interviews more quickly than any other website.
  • Get an increase in salary (many of our members have doubled and even tripled their salaries).
  • Get a legal job in a company, firm, etc. with a group of people you enjoy working with.
  • Get a legal job with an organization with a future.
  • Get you (and not the economy, your employer, etc.) in control of your legal career.
  • Get you and your family the security you need.

Do these claims sound preposterous and hard to believe? If I was reading this I would think this. But these are not untrue statements. Allow me to explain how I can make such grand representation about LawCrossing,the most powerful legal job search tool in the world.

LawCrossing Is a Job-Aggregation Service Which May Not Sound That Impressive But It Will "Catapult" Your Job Search Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen. "It's Like Putting a Jet Engine from a 747 on a Bicycle..."

LawCrossing is a job-aggregation service, and it is not free to belong to it. That's right, LawCrossing is not free. Why is LawCrossing not free like other websites? It is not free because we do something no other website out there does: We work for you, the job seeker, and go out and find every single legal job we can in the market.

We have a database that cost us more than $20 million to develop and hundreds of employees who work on this database finding legal jobs for you seven days a week and 24 hours a day. All we do is research jobs.

There is really no comparison to LawCrossing because there is nothing else out there like us. We do not advertise and we do not spend money publicizing our site—primarily because all of our effort and money goes into finding jobs for you. We are a research company and work to find jobs for job seekers.

In a nutshell here is what we do:

  • We visit every single employer website out there we can find and then make sure the legal jobs we find on these sites are posted on our site.
  • We visit every other job board we can find out there and collect legal jobs and put them on our site.
  • We post every legal job from every newspaper and other sources out there we can find on our site.

Our objective is to insure that every single legal job we can find in the world is on LawCrossing. That is all we care about. No other recruiting firm or organization is as committed to this task as we are. We want you to have access to every single legal job that exists out there.

We are not a public job board and not something you will see advertised on television. We believe we are a "repository" of information—much like a library, for example.

We are not a public job board and not something you will see advertised on television. We believe we are a "repository" of information—much like a library, for example.

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Who Uses LawCrossing?

LawCrossing exists for job seekers and not employers. We are a site that is used among many of the most accomplished people in the world to find legal jobs. These people include the

  • graduates of the best schools of the United States,
  • some of the highest paid people in the world, and
  • lots of "average" people like you and me.

What I want to make clear is that LawCrossing does not just exist for the "elite"—it contains jobs for everyone. The biggest issue with LawCrossing, though, is only the highest paid professionals seem to realize the incredible value our site brings.

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Why Does LawCrossing Costs Money? I Have Heard That You Should Never Pay to Look for a Job.

We receive testimonials from people on daily basis whose lives have been changed by LawCrossing — multiple job offers, jobs within days of signing up, changed lives — you name it. LawCrossing has been incredibly transformative for the careers and lives of thousands of people because what we do is, quite simply, different than anything out there.

It costs us a lot of money to track down the jobs we do on LawCrossing. We have millions of dollars worth of servers alone scouring the Internet for you. We have invested tens of millions of dollars in research to bring you the jobs we do. The $49.95 we charge per month gets you access to all of our research and pays for training, computers, office overhead, and a whole lot more.

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LawCrossing is the bargain of the century, if you ask me. Being a LawCrossing member is like having your own private army of researchers and millions of dollars of research going on for you that costs you pennies.

Because LawCrossing costs money to join, the vast majority of people will not join. Why? We're not sure but the main reason we hear over and over again is that there are a lot of shady people out there who will charge people to get a job and then not deliver.

First of all, we are a division of Employment Research Institute and are one of the largest career companies in the world. We are not "shady" by any stretch of the imagination.

Secondly, we are not charging you to get a job on LawCrossing. We are providing you with research to use to get a legal job. This is a big distinction and one that a lot of people don't understand. We are providing knowledge.

Third, a major value of LawCrossing also lies in the fact that we are exclusive. Anyone with an Internet connection can search most job boards, for example. People who join LawCrossing are serious about their job searches and knowing the most about the legal market. They are part an exclusive group of job seekers who are aware of every legal job in the market that we can find.

When you use LawCrossing you are going to be "head over heels" beyond your competitors.

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When You Use LawCrossing You Are Getting Access to a "Treasure Trove of Legal Jobs" That Very Few People Know About.

Because LawCrossing is so exclusive, the employers whose jobs we locate also get fewer applications. For example, thousands of the legal jobs on LawCrossing come directly from employer websites. The employers post their jobs on their websites and they sit there for months with no applications—until our members find them. This makes a major difference in the effectiveness of your job search. When you apply to jobs that are getting fewer applications, you are more likely to get the job. Much, much more likely.

Using LawCrossing is like giving yourself several times as many options as you might otherwise have.

Ordinary Sites Have Only the Legal Jobs Employers Are Paying Hundreds of Dollars to Post. If you go to an ordinary job site, you will likely find only a limited number of legal jobs posted by employers who are paying to advertise their jobs on the site. You would also likely find a ton a recruiter jobs. (Most jobs on most employer sites are recruiter jobs.)

LawCrossing Contains Every Legal Job It Can Find. When you go to LawCrossing, you have access to every legal job in the market that our researchers can find, not just the ones employers pay to post. This is a huge advantage. This is something that can change your life. LawCrossing can mean the difference between getting 10 job offers and getting none.

Can I Do the Work LawCrossing Does on My Own?

Many people believe they can do the work we do at LawCrossing on their own. We monitor more than 250,000 employer websites searching for jobs. This is a ridiculous number of websites, and the work we do is monumental in scale; nothing like this has ever been done or even attempted before in history.

We estimate it would take you several hundred years to do the work manually that our technology is able to accomplish for you each day. If you have several hundred years to search out job boards then we recommend you not be part of our website.

You would not believe how many firms and companies are out there posting their jobs on their websites and not other job boards and not in newspapers and not with recruiters. Collectively, we spend more than tens of thousands of man hours per week finding legal jobs.

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Experts all around each of us are defending the status quo. Experts in all fields of knowledge are guardians of the status quo. Whatever differs from what they currently believe in terms of how something is done or should be done is immediately dismissed as a lie or impossible.

The reasoning goes like this: "Why should I listen to this or look into this? I know absolutely everything there is to know about getting a job, and therefore, anything that conflicts with my beliefs must not be true." This sort of reasoning is ridiculous and prevents new insights from emerging.

The few people who have gone against the status quo and have tried LawCrossing have been amazed. You will be, too— LawCrossing can change you and your family's life.

We urge you to think outside of the box and give LawCrossing a try. I am sure there are some things you did in the past that were slightly risky and that those were the best risks you ever took.

There is no risk to using LawCrossing. We want you to try the site for free for three days. LawCrossing is going to change your life forever.

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