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lawcrossing's marketing problem

  • First, LawCrossing costs money.
  • Second, many people think that they can do what we do themselves.
  • Third, people confuse our mission with that of other sites.

These problems result in fewer users to our site, which results in fewer applications to the legal jobs on our site, which results in you getting more interviews and offers.

his is good for you and bad for us. Nevertheless, this is the way the dice roll ... We are, quite simply, a job board that stacks everything in your favor and not against you like most job sites. You will see what I am talking about in a minute ...

Marketing Problem #1—LawCrossing Costs Money

The biggest problem that we have at LawCrossing is that our site costs money. LawCrossing costs money because it does things that no other job board does. In order to illustrate this in the most general of terms I would offer the following:

Typical Job Board-Waits for employers to come to them and then charges them hundreds of dollars to post a job on their site. Shows jobs to every person with an Internet connection to increase the exposure of jobs and the number of applications employers receive.

LawCrossing-researches and aggregates legal jobs from all job boards, all employer sites, all government sites and all association sites, recruiter sites and other sources of jobs it can find. Restricts viewing of jobs to paying members to limit the exposure jobs receive, so applicants have a better chance of getting a job.

LawCrossing is not free because it does something no other site does: It goes out and researches legal jobs. When you see jobs on LawCrossing you are seeing jobs that we have found from tens of thousands of sources, every job board and employer site we can find. In short, you are seeing every single job we can find in the market.

LawCrossing does not charge anything for employers to post their jobs on our site like other job sites do. Our only mission is to go out and locate legal jobs for you and nothing more. We want you to have access to every single legal job in the market and the idea of charging an employer to post a job on our site is something that seems ludicrous to us. We exist for you.

The reason that LawCrossing costs money is that it costs us a tremendous amount of money to go out in the market and program various job sites into our search engine—this is why you do not see jobs categorized for you when you do a search on a typical search engine. There are a massive and incredible number of employers out there and our search engine is unbelievably complex and finding these legal jobs is a lot of work. The result, however, is that we can show you legal jobs from every single location we can find without accepting any payment from an employer.

Here is a "Hall of Shame" of job boards who charge employers to post jobs on their site:

- Monster
- Careerbuilder
- Indeed
- HotJobs
- TheLadders
- CraigsList (in most cities)
- Every job board we are aware of

In addition to charging employers to post jobs, these job boards also do everything within their power to drive huge numbers of applicants to these jobs. They advertise on bus stops, on blimps, during the Super Bowl, on airplane banners—you name it. LawCrossing does not do this. We want to keep our jobs "sacred" and only for our members. We know that the fewer people there are applying to the jobs on LawCrossing the more likely you are to get hired.

The business model of the job board industry in built around charging employers to post jobs. LawCrossing's business model is built around going out and finding legal jobs and putting them on our site without charging employers.

You need to take a leap of faith and try LawCrossing today.

To overcome the "LawCrossing COST MONEY" problem, we offer a free seven days trial. Virtually everyone who tries LawCrossing FREE for seven days finds a job through the site very quickly. In fact, we are someone proud of but a little taken back by the fact that many people end up using the site for free and cancel before the end of the seven days free trial because they have already found a job. Other people choose to remain LawCrossing members after seven days because they are still looking for a job or just want to constantly know what is going on in the market.

In almost every case, the people who join LawCrossing tell us they feel like they made an incredible decision. As one of our members in New York recently wrote:

Before I started using the site, I felt like I was only seeing the world in one dimension and in black and white. Once I became a member and started looking around there were thousands of jobs I did not know about. I felt like I was stepping into a different dimension there were so many jobs and the world became magnified and in color. I will never regret taking the plunge and trying the site.

It costs us an incredible amount of money to locate the jobs with you and if you were to ask me LawCrossing is the deal of the century. You are benefiting from millions of dollars worth of technology every time you use the site and hundreds of thousands of searches we are doing for jobs on an incredible number of sources each day.

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Marketing Problem #2—People Think They Can Do the Work We Do at LawCrossing Themselves

This is true. Yes, you could do exactly what we do at LawCrossing on your own!

Because our sites are going out there and grabbing information from other job boards, employer websites and other sources, many people seem to believe that they can do the work we do at LawCrossing on their own.

As I said above, this is a 100% true statement.

"Why should I pay these guys to do this when I can go out and find these legal jobs on my own ..." is something that many, many people have said to us time and time again.

However, this statement ignores the incredible logistics and scale of what we do. I would like you to consider a few facts:

  • There are over 40,000 job sites we are aware of in the United States alone
  • There are well over 100,000 employers we are aware of posting their jobs on their career pages
  • There are tens of thousands of association websites with jobs on them
  • There are over 10,000 recruiters (large and small) we are aware of with jobs on their websites
  • There are thousands of federal, state and local government websites with jobs on them
  • There are thousands of newspaper websites with jobs on them
  • There are thousands of university websites with jobs on them

If this sounds incredible, you are right. It has taken our company millions of dollars just to track down this information. We then have to have millions of dollars worth of servers and other equipment tracking this information and sorting through it. We need people to monitor the systems that are doing all of this work. We need programmers entering this information into databases.

Simply stated, the work we do is a huge task and something one person could not do alone. It would take you several years to do the work that our servers do, looking for jobs just a few hours in the average day if you were doing the work manually.

Yes, you could do the work we do ourselves but even if you could search 10,000+ websites in search of your perfect job each day you still would come nowhere close to finding as many jobs matching your interests as you would see on LawCrossing on the average day.

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Marketing Problem #3—Our Mission Gets Confused With Free Sites That Represent They Have a Similar Mission

Sites like Monster, Indeed, TheLadders, SimplyHired and others are sites that work for employers, not you. Because they work for employers their business is to charge employers to feature their jobs on their site, or giving them preferred placement. They go out and seek employers willing to pay to appear on their sites. This is an unusual business model.

In a good economy these sites may appear to have many jobs; however, even then they are only skimming the surface. In a bad economy, there is a huge dearth of jobs on these sites and often these are opportunities that are just fishing for resumes for future use and do not lead to real jobs. Most of what you see are for recruiter and not employer jobs, for example.

Paradoxically, in a bad economy many employers start posting more jobs on their own websites and not job boards to save money. This has been a tremendous benefit to our members because we monitor most employers for these jobs.

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At LawCrossing we have never accepted a cent from any employer. Our job is to aggregate every job in the market that we can find. All we care about is showing you every legal job and we go out and we take every job we can find from every single source. The very last thing we are thinking about is charging employers to appear on our site. Our goal is only to show you every legal job in the market—not just jobs from employers willing to pay us.

In addition, anyone with an Internet connection can use virtually every website out there. The jobs we find are there waiting for our members. We keep people out so you can get in.

You need to try LawCrossing today, risk free for the next seven days. You need to do this now and not tomorrow and not next week.

LawCrossing is going to help you more than you even know right now.

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Harrison Barnes