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Get More Employers To Respond To Your Application And Hire You

This is an insider's look at a simple way to get more offers and interviews from employers. The Biggest Career Secret You Are Ever Going to Learn Begins Here.

How You Can Get Employers to Respond to Your Applications and

Hire You "Who Else is Ready to Get Multiple Interviews and Offers?"

The Biggest Career Secret You are Ever Going to Learn ..


I think this is going to be among the most important pieces of writing you are ever going to read. In fact, if you are like other people I have told what I am about to tell you, I think your life and legal career is about to change ... forever.

For the better.

I used to detest looking for a legal job. The reason was that I was hoping for a warm and fuzzy reception. For example, I would send out several resumes and sit back with some sort of hazy dream that the employers I was applying for would all respond to my application, bring me in and say "you're perfect!" and offer me the job. This is not how it went (almost all of the time). This did not make me too happy.

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I Used to Send Out Tons of Resumes With No Response and When I Did Go on Interviews I Might Never Hear Back from the Employer.
One of the worst things, however, was when I went out on one or two interviews with the same employer and nothing happened ... I would just wait for them to contact me. More often than not, this wait finally came to a brutal end when no offer whatsoever materialized.

I know lots of other people who share this frustration in looking for a legal job as well. It is depressing and it is a complete let down. Let me ask you, what do you think is going on when an employer is not responding to your application, or not bringing you back after multiple interviews ...

I know exactly what is happening: Competition

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The Reason Your Applications are Not Responded to and You Too May Not Hear Back After Interviews is Because You Are Applying for Legal Jobs Where There is too Much Competition.
That's right ... the problems you are having in your legal job search are related to competition. Other people are applying for the same legal job as you are and the employer is bringing in more people—or deciding between other people they are interviewing if they have chosen to interview you.

More often than not if an employer is choosing between you and 5 or 10 other people they interviewed the other guy is going to get the offer. (No offense, you're great it is just the way the odds work out ...).

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The Biggest Legal Career Secret
If you want to get interviews, if you want to get offers, the only thing you have to do is find legal jobs that other people do not know about and apply to them. That's it. Nothing fancy whatsoever. Just find and apply to legal jobs no one else is applying to.

Where are these legal jobs? They are ripe for the taking in all sorts of out-of-the-way places that no one thinks about:

  • Employers' own websites on their career pages
  • Small regional newspapers
  • Small and large association websites
  • Small job boards you have never heard of

In fact, there are more legal jobs on these places than there are on most major career boards combined. No one knows about these legal jobs because the places where they are posted are not publicized. Very few people go to a small regional newspaper looking for a legal job, for example. Moreover, there are tens of thousands of employers with career pages on their own websites with jobs.

The advantage of going to these places for legal jobs is that no one else is. People are looking for legal jobs on places like Monster, CareerBuilder and other big sites and flooding the employers with legal jobs there with applications. When an employer puts a legal job on its own website it can sit there for years like a goat relaxing in a big field chewing some grass. Nothing happens and the employer sits by twiddling their thumbs for weeks or months waiting for someone to apply to the job.

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LawCrossing Helps You Track Down All of the Opportunities That Are Unpublicized and Not Receiving Any Applications.
At LawCrossing, we specialize in tracking down unpublicized legal jobs that others do not know about. We go to every employer career site we can find, we visit small regional newspapers, association websites and small job boards you have never heard from and we take all that information and put it on LawCrossing.

This is a big deal. What is means is that we are finding you legal jobs a lot of people are not applying to. This is something that can give you a massive and profound advantage.

Do you think your odds of getting a legal job are better if there are one or two people competing with you for a position and the position has been open a long time or if the position has been open a short time and received hundreds of applications?

When an employer posts a resume on Monster or another giant site they are typically inundated with applications within minutes. This is why you see sites like Monster and others advertising everywhere ... they work for employers and their job is to generate as many possible applications for an employer as they can.

When an employer posts a job on their own site, a small regional site, an association site, etc., they receive few applications. Like most of us do, they take the best they can get. It is just about being in the right place at the right time.

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Use LawCrossing and You Will Get More Interviews and Offers.
If I had not been in the career business a decade and developed LawCrossing myself I would not be able to make such a claim. On the surface this claim may sound hard to believe; however, I think it should be stronger. I think it should say you will get many, many more offers ... many, many more interviews. This is just how it works when you apply to jobs that employers have under advertised.

LawCrossing works in good economies and it works in bad economies. When you use LawCrossing you are applying to employers that want you and have not received a lot of other applications.

Because LawCrossing is exclusive and is not a public website, the legal jobs on the site are also not seen by anyone except our members. Furthermore, LawCrossing also charges a fee which keeps 99% of the people who would normally compete for the jobs on our site off the site. This results in you being one of the only applicants for these legal jobs.

I encourage you to try LawCrossing.com free for seven days.

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