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An Insider's Story

How are thousands of people getting multiple interviews and job offers while their peers sit around fiddling their thumbs unable to secure a single interview?

Warning! Do Not Use Another Job Board Until You Read This


Well, it's taken almost 10 years but I have developed a job site that is like taking a rocket and attaching it to your job search. I am talking about a tool that is going to rapidly increase the number of interviews you are receiving, the job offers you get, allows you to increase your salary, work in other geographic locations if you so choose and a whole lot more.

I am also going to share an "insider secret" with you that large commercial job boards do not want you to know. In fact, this secret is really scandalous.

How can I make such ridiculous sounding claims? Personally, if someone were to say something like this to me a couple of years ago I would think they were full of baloney. I am not full of baloney and what I am about to tell you is going to blow your mind:

  • There are over 40,000 job sites out there.
  • There are 100,000+ company employment pages with jobs on them out there.
  • There are countless government websites with jobs on them.
  • There are tens of thousands of association websites with jobs on them.
  • There are thousands of newspapers with job classified sections online.
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You Are Missing Hundreds of Thousands of Legal Job Openings Unless You Are Searching Tens of Thousands of Job Boards at Once.
Why should any of this matter to you? Because if you are using even a few websites to look for a job the chances are that you are missing so many legal jobs out there it would boggle your mind. Jobs are scattered in so many locations that you would have to be a human supercomputer who was able to search hundreds of websites per second in order to know what is going on in the job market.

LawCrossing goes out and using hundreds of people as well as advanced search technology, it grabs every single legal job it can find and puts all of these jobs in one place. This is an incredibly complex process. We are visiting tens of thousands of websites each day to find this information for you. It is ridiculously involved and has cost us millions to figure out how to get all of these legal jobs—and we still do not have all of the jobs. In fact, this exercise has cost us so much money - who knows if we'll ever be able to break even.

No, we are not able to find every legal job in the market but we are doing our best. We are certainly not perfect by any means but we have a heck of a lot more jobs on our site than anything we are aware out there. We are also getting much better at this every single day because it is something that we care about and take very seriously. Our mission is to track down every single job on earth.

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LawCrossing Finds Jobs That No One Knows About Because They Are Advertised in Obscure Locations Such as Unknown Job Boards, Associations Websites and Employer Websites.
LawCrossing is a research site and what we do is go out and research every single job that we can find in the market and put them on our site. Other job sites charge employers to post jobs on their site and this results in them getting far fewer jobs on their site. Let me ask you two questions:

  • "Do you think a job site is likely to have more jobs on it if it researches jobs from every location it can find and puts them on its site at no cost to the employer?"; or,
  • "Do you think a job site is likely to have more jobs on it if it charges employers hundreds of dollars to post jobs on its site?"

Not only does LawCrossing not charge employers anything to post legal jobs on its site, it actually goes out and finds every single legal job it can out there from every single source in the market. This is our mission at LawCrossing and it is something we are very, very good at.

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You Will Get More Interviews and Job Offers Using LawCrossing Because You Are Applying to Jobs That Are Not Receiving Applications Because Employers are Doing a Lousy Job Promoting Their Job Openings.
You may wonder to yourself what the advantages are of seeing so many legal jobs. If you wanted to come over to my house I would sit you down, offer you some poorly microwaved cheese sticks I am addicted to from Costco and for hours and hours I would share with you the incredible advantages of having access to so many jobs. If you are like most people I start talking with about this you would soon start to feel that you have been making terrible mistake with your career up until now. However, at the risk of brevity I will simply say this:

When you apply to jobs no one else is applying to, you get many more interviews and job offers.

This is the largest single advantage to using our site—more interviews and job offers. You get more interviews and job offers because you are applying to jobs no one else is. Why do employers do such a lousy job promoting their jobs by putting them on obscure corners of their website, in trade journals and so forth? I don't know. What I would encourage you to do, however, is use this to your advantage.

Cows Being Led to Slaughter, SuperBowl Advertisements and Other Dangers of Most Job Boards.
When you see a job board advertising on blimps, in the SuperBowl and these sorts of locations WATCH OUT! We say this because the idea of this is crazy to us.

The job boards you see advertising in all of these locations are the same jobs that are charging employers hundreds of dollars to post an advertisement in most cases. Their objective is to do everything within their power to drive applicants to those jobs. This means that for some legal jobs you are applying to there may be thousands of applications. Good luck even getting your resume opened. I remember placing an advertisement on Monster many years ago and I received so many applications that they crashed my computer.

You are looking for a job and not playing the lottery. You need to find legal jobs that not everyone and their brother knows about. At LawCrossing we go out and search every single website we can find for legal jobs. We bring you legal jobs from large sites, of course, but we also bring you the majority of jobs we find from small websites that are scattered all over. This vastly increases your odds of getting a job.

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Once We Find Jobs from Unknown Sources, We Make These Jobs Available Only to Our Members.
Being a member of LawCrossing makes you part of an exclusive club of very few people who are learning about jobs in your industry that very few people know about. Because we limit the availability of our research to our members, we help keep the applicant pool to these jobs down. With fewer people competing for these positions your odds of finding the sort of legal job you want increase dramatically.

It is not uncommon for members of LawCrossing to double or even triple their salary. It is also not uncommon for people who have been looking for jobs unsuccessfully for months to join our site and within days have multiple offers. There is a world of opportunity out there and you just need to know how to find it.

LawCrossing charges $39.95 a month to be part of the site. As part of your membership you will be able to avail yourself of an incredible amount of research and finally take control of your career. Being a member of LawCrossing is empowering and you will be glad you joined us.

You can try LawCrossing completely risk free and with no obligation for three days. If the site has not absolutely blown you away then cancel during your first three days. We are here to help you and want to be part of your career going forward.

I urge you to try LawCrossing free for three days today.

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