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Two Veteran Texas Law Firms Merge to Form a Legal Powerhouse

The pace of law firm mergers show no sign of abating this year, and now two veteran Texas law firms are joining hands to form a legal powerhouse in community association and real estate law. This legal powerhouse is slated to start operations from January 1, 2014. The law firms of Roberts Markel Weinberg P.C. and Butler Hailey, both of which are rated by Martindale-Hubbell as preeminent law firms, are merging to create Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC (RMWBH).

The combined law firm will have offices in Houston, Sugar Land, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, and will focus its practice in chosen areas of civil law. These areas include labor and employment, professional liability, fiduciary litigation, energy arbitration, commercial litigation, directors and officers' litigation, and real estate and corporate transactions. Each of the five principals is certified in their respective practice area by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization namely Jeffrey Roberts, Gregg Weinberg, Roy Hailey, Rick Butler and Marc Markel.

As the new entity brings together Butler, Markel and Hailey, who are considered among the most experienced practitioners in Community Association law, the new law firm is expected to lead in this field. Together, Butler, Markel, and Hailey have a combined practice experience of more than 100 years in this practice area, and the new law firm will have more attorneys working on Community Association law than any other practice in Texas.

Focusing on Community Association law, the new firm will offer a web-based portal for community association clients with real-time status reports and 24/7 information access. The press release announcing the new entity mentioned that the program "incorporates state-of-the-art computerized collection systems, providing associations with maximum efficiency, accessibility and accountability."

Speaking on the merger and its impact, Rick Butler, founding member of Butler Hailey said, "When we are combined, it will be a great challenge to find another law firm that has done as much, taught as much, or prepared as much in the arena of community association law." Hailey adds, "Simply stated, good just got better."

As a merged law firm, RMWBH will represent more than 1,000 community associations, property owners associations, condominium associations and homeowners associations, including some of the largest planned communities in Texas. The law firm will be serving the associations in all legalities and formalities and compliance issues including collection of assessments, opinion letters, modification and enforcement of governing documents, and litigation involving the association and its volunteers.

The firm will also continue to represent some of the largest real estate developers in Texas as big real estate development and community associations happen together.



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