Developing Future Law Firm Rainmakers with Cordell Parvin

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Summary: Take some time to sift through highly successful lawyer coach Cordell Parvin’s advice and tips that will make you a more successful lawyer.
Cordell Parvin Blog

Cordell Parvin has been a successful construction law business man for 36 years. He now uses this experience to develop the next generation of attorneys by working with lawyers and law firms. Parvin does this by guiding lawyers to set goals, develop strategies, and build the right attitude. He is not like most other lawyer coaches, because he was once a lawyer, serving as a Construction Law Practice Group Leader and Partner in charge of attorney development at his firm. He left the firm, Jenkins & Gilchrist, in 2005 to become a full-time coach, teacher, and speaker on career development, law firm leadership, and business development.

Parvin earned his B.A. from Virginia Tech and his J.D. from the University of Richmond Law School. He is admitted to practice in Texas and Virginia. He has written three books and numerous articles with legal career development advice, all while working with lawyers from the United States and Canada.

Parvin gives a sense of importance in his writing style on the blog. He knows he is a successful entrepreneur and is not afraid to mention that. His latest post talks about the 10 things that you didn’t learn in law school, but that you need to start learning soon.

Parvin gives very good advice for lawyers that are striving to overcome the odds and gain success. His post from August 18 2016, “Huge Success: Overcoming the Odds” lays out some stories about people overcoming the odds that can inspire and give us hope. Additional advice on how to be a successful lawyer can be found throughout the blog, and can serve as a beneficial stepping stone for lawyers that are struggling to find a way to stand out at their law firm.

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