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Formatting Your Resume

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It used to be that only graphic designers were judged to have the necessary skills and talent for designing and formatting. Now that page-layout software is ubiquitous, everyone thinks him/herself to be a formatter and—by extension—a graphic designer. It is off-topic here to debate whether flyers that ''everyone knows'' are poorly designed actually speak to their audiences. What is valid is that a product must be aimed at its audience.
Formatting Your Resume

In the case of your resume, your audience of attorneys—your potential employers—is seeking an employee who will add value to the firm, fit into the firm's particular environment, and bring good judgment. You want to present a resume that relates to their needs and can be read effortlessly. Keep asking yourself, "What are they seeking in my resume?" and "How will they receive what I'm writing?" Your resume should convey quality, attention to detail, and "getting it right." A resume that frustrates, annoys, or confuses readers—or even makes them laugh—is a risk. And when you are seeking employment with a firm that you know would be perfect for your goals and talents, you probably want to become fairly risk-averse.

Setting aside what you actually say in your resume, good design implies a good product. Readers may not be able to articulate why they were attracted at first glance to your resume, but they are more likely to pull it off the stack and give it a read if it looks good. If you follow these basic suggestions from Attorney Resume, you will be able to create a simple, attractive, readable resume that by its quality reflects yours.

1. Basic contact information is on the heading at the top. (Use this same information as an identical heading for your cover letter.) Your name should be in the largest font on the page (16-18 pt., or even 20 pt., depending on the font style) so that it is easier to locate your resume and remember. Decide which of your telephone numbers you want to use, and keep in mind that it is standard practice to include your email address.

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