How to Be a Top Law Student Rule 4

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How to Be a Top Law Student Rule 4

Summary: After you've "thunk the thought," it's time to physically take care of everything within your locus of control.


After you've "thunk the thought," it's time to physically take care of everything within your locus of control. In other words, it's time to "walk the walk" to a successful completion of your goal-graduating from law school. Graduating is not a fairy tale. You must take action. The forces of the universe will help you only if you help yourself!

So get off your buns and get to work. Keep your eyes (for that matter your entire being) on the path to the prize of successfully moving on to the second year, then the third year, and then on to the grand prix-graduation!
Perseverance is key. This implies a host of things. For example, you'll have to attend classes regularly and pay keen attention; you'll have to keep up with your reading; and continue to brief your cases throughout the semester. If possible, you may want to tape your classes and have regular meetings with your study group (if you choose to join one) to brainstorm and compare notes.

Walking the walk also means having a sense of humor, a sense of balance, a sense of objectivity, and good friends. It means maintaining good physical and mental health by exercising, eating right, saying no to drugs and alcohol, and engaging regularly in activities that reduce stress and strengthen your body and mind. It also means understanding the importance of taking "time out" from time to time, maybe engaging in a hobby, getting yourself a pet, throwing a get-together, making whoopie with that special someone, or in some way indulging in the simpler pleasures of life.
You may also find that developing good communication skills-with family members, a significant other, roommates, or anyone who could affect your ability to concentrate and study-is well worth your time. It will make your life (and your law school experience) so much easier.


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