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Protocol For Following Up After a Paralegal Job Interview

published January 10, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Traditional job-search workshops will advise you to write a thank-you letter after each interview. We would like to offer an effective variation on the theme: the follow-up letter. The purpose of the follow- up letter is to continue promoting yourself. It is a reason to contact the interviewer once again and remind him or her of your superior candidacy for the position.

You can use the follow-up letter to
  • Send requested writing samples
  • Remind the interviewer of your availability for a second or third interview
  • Provide additional references
  • Clarify or strengthen comments made during the interview.

All follow-up and thank-you letters must be typewritten. Handwritten notes are not appropriate in the legal field. You are not thanking a hostess for a Sunday brunch. Remember you are establishing a professional relationship.

Here are several follow-up letters you might consider:


September 7, xxxx

Chandler Ross, Esq.
Landers and Brothers
100 South University Avenue, Suite 203
Denver, CO 80300

Dear Mr. Ross:

I appreciate the opportunity to present myself as a candidate for the Banking and Finance legal assistant position; an opportunity, I might add, about which I am very excited. It was a pleasure to meet with you and members of the firm.

As per your request, I have enclosed two writing samples for your review. These examples of my writing should demonstrate my attention to detail and thorough investigative skills. Throughout my career, I have worked to consistently achieve a high level of work quality. I am hoping to apply these skills in a position within a firm precisely as you described during our interview last Thursday.

As the firm's Banking and Finance legal assistant, I can bring the insight and experience necessary to maintain the firm's sophisticated clients. I can also streamline costs and increase the profitability of the paralegal program.

I will contact you next week to see when we might meet again to expand upon how we can make this opportunity happen.

Andrew Ramirez


Thank-you letters are for the sole purpose of expressing gratitude. You may be writing to thank someone for their time, an introduction, some advice, a referral, or a reference. You may even be writing to thank someone for a job opportunity you have decided not to pursue.

Thank-you letters express more than good manners. People like to be appreciated. Reinforcing your appreciation for their time or favors gives a very positive impression. And some firms even wait to receive a thank-you letter as a further validation that your writing skills are indeed superb.

Written documents are tangible evidence that you can indeed do the job. (Of course, a poorly composed letter indicating you were not quite clear about the position could work against you.) These documents are testimonials not only to your writing skills but also to your intellect, sense of humor, desire for the job, and personality.

The letter will refresh the interviewer's memory about you. Regardless of your persuasive abilities and charming personality in the interview, your impact may soon fade because interviewers are faced with a number of candidates for each open position. Interviewers who have interviewed several candidates quite frankly may be confused as to which candidate you are. This is particularly true of those interviewers who are not used to interviewing. A slow moving firm with inexperienced interviewers presents problems to job seekers. Candidates may not stand out as individuals; instead, they may all run together in the interviewer's mind. The thank-you letter will remind them one more time why you are just the right candidate. And if the interviewer was sitting on the fence, a great letter may just push indecision into an offer.

Even if you are scheduling interviews with other organizations, follow each completed interview with a positive, straightforward, typewritten thank-you letter to each and every person with whom you interviewed. These letters should be brief and to the point. Stationery should match your resume and cover letter, and the letter must be professionally typed. You must always send a thank-you letter immediately-preferably no more than 24 hours after an interview or act of kindness. In some cases, faxing the letter is fine. However, if the firm offers a very formal environment, a letter that has been mailed may be more appropriate. E-mail is probably too informal for most situations. Do not handwrite a note. Above all, do NOT send a thank-you greeting card.

Open your letter by referring to the occasion. Stay brief, businesslike, and clear. Here are a few sample openers:
  • Thank you for fitting me into your very busy calendar. I appreciate your willingness to meet with me regarding the intellectual property paralegal position within the firm.
  • I appreciate your helpfulness in assisting me with my job search. Taking the time to call Mr. Castle regarding a paralegal position within his firm was invaluable.
  • Thank you for introducing me to Gail Stevens. I appreciate your assistance and the referral to such an outstanding colleague.

If you are sending a thank-you letter for an interview, connect something that was said in the interview to your skills or qualifications for the position. State your feelings and desire for the position. You may even want to add an additional reason for hiring you-one that was not discussed perhaps.

If you were referred to someone or given a great lead, immediately write to thank the person who helped you. This gesture can also help to establish a good solid network-one that is sure to become invaluable.

If you are sending a thank-you letter for an interview, the body of the letter should
  • Pinpoint a topic discussed during the interview. This shows the interviewer
  1. You were listening;
  2. You've given thought to what was said.
  • Tie in your qualifications, demonstrating how you can fit into the organization.
You want to provide some detail in the body. No matter how you attack the thank-you letter or for what purpose it is written, remember to be brief and to the point. Always remain positive and offer no apologies for anything.

o Now that I have heard more about Wind & Jammer's objectives for the contracts administration paralegal, I am more excited than ever to be a contender for this position. Your comment regarding the absolute necessity to pay attention to detail hit home. In my present position, I am frequently relied upon to furnish the most obscure bits and pieces of information. I can only do that if I am extremely detail oriented.

o Wind & Jammer's excellent reputation for quality legal services only serves to reinforce my desire to obtain employment with the firm. This is precisely the type of firm where I learned the majority of what I now know about litigation, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue my career at a firm that meets or exceeds the standards of my present employer.

Close the letter with your intent to follow up or your desire to hear from the reader. If you have only met this person a few times, now is not the time to get personal. Keep the letter business-like and professional.
  • I have always succeeded by seeking challenges and creating opportunities where others felt none existed. That's how I managed to become and remain the top billing paralegal at Damascus and Israel, and it's what I'll do for you. Let's make it happen.
  • I am most excited at the prospect of working with the legal department at Purcell Industries. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to demonstrate my ability for this position. I look forward to hearing from you.


August 21, xxxx
Mr. Michael Waters A Family Affair 1234
Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90064

Dear Mr. Waters:

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a most informative and exciting interview last Thursday. Upon reflection on our meeting, I am further convinced that my experience as a certificated paralegal matches the staffing needs you described.

Always state when the interview took place to remind the interviewer who you are.

The opportunity to participate in your firm's growing family law practice is extremely appealing. Of greatest benefit for those who seek lower legal fees is your firm's commitment toward better utilizing paralegals. As a paralegal with more than 10 years' experience, it is refreshing to hear your firm's positive attitude toward professional development of paralegals. My training background can benefit the firm's progressive outlook toward training clients about the benefits of paralegals.

Reaffirms that you understood the firm's mission. Redirects attention to your qualifications.

I appreciate your willingness to meet with me and would very much appreciate an invitation to join the firm. If I have not heard from you within a week or so, I will call to ask if I can provide further information to assist you in making your decision. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Restates interest in the position. Paves the way for further communication between you and your interviewer.

Katie Andersen


There will be times during your job search that you think the work you have accomplished with some firms via resume, cover letter, and interview have fallen into a deep chasm. You're betwixt and between regarding what to do. Continuing to call the firm is not always a wise idea as being a pest won't bring you any closer to getting the job. Never following up and waiting for a call that may never come isn't good either.

Whatever the cause for the unending silence, consider yourself an active candidate until you hear otherwise. Don't get discouraged-take action instead! Send a call-to-action letter, which is meant to move things along. Your goal is to promote yourself once again and possibly push the hiring process along. It is important to determine, however, whether the person to whom you are writing will be receptive to a little push.

If you are convinced it's worth a shot, then a well-planned, well-written positive letter may be in order. Determine the style and tone of the letter: is the reader a very conservative, Brooks Brothers type, or casual and less judgmental? Tailor your writing style to the style of the reader. The most important thing, however, is to remind the reader who you are, provide additional information, or ask for the job.


On rare occasions, you may be expected to write a letter of acceptance, or you may feel it is appropriate. The letter should be short and precise. You can include brief points of your negotiation efforts and the terms of your employment. Make sure you are accurate whenever you offer a written document.

Sample Acceptance Letter

August 23, xxxx
Ms. Alaina Alda Paralegal
Administrator Morris,
Roberts & Hoffman 12345 Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601

Dear Ms. Alda:

It is with great pleasure that I accept your offer as Corporate Paralegal. I look forward to joining the firm on March 15 with a starting salary of $32,000 per year.

I am particularly interested in working with the Business and Finance team as it develops. I am also looking forward to enrolling in the title review course offered by the University of Chicago.

Thank you for your assistance and support. I look forward to a long and continuing business relationship.

Christian Zimmerman

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published January 10, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 731 votes, average: 4.7 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.