A Simple Follow-Up Letter Can Change Your Life

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And more than anything else, follow-up correspondence is a matter of habit. It is so much a part of everyday work, and so much drilled into us by office tasks, that unconsciously, many of us come to associate follow-up-correspondence as an official task. We neglect to cultivate the habit of follow-up-correspondence in every sphere of our lives, whether official or personal. We often neglect follow-up correspondence when not required in formal or office workspace, but with our personal endeavors. It does cost dearly.
A Simple Follow-Up Letter Can Change Your Life

Should You Follow Up After Sending A Resume?

May be, may be not. But, you need to apply your mind to the matter of follow up correspondence and take a reasoned decision according to the case. You cannot afford to disregard correspondence to follow-up a resume simply as a matter of convention. There is no convention or rule as to that. Sure, in given situations, closely following up a resume with correspondence can seem pushy, or that you are in dire need, but there are techniques of course.

In case, you do not receive an acknowledgement from the place where you sent the resume, it opens up a possibility for follow-up correspondence just to find out whether the resume has been received or not. This is usually safe enough and projects positive outlook.

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