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We actively seek job openings on your behalf

LawCrossing is a job aggregation service that goes out and consolidates every single legal job it can find from every single source it can.

The business model of the average employment site is like that of the classified section of a newspaper: simply wait for employers willing to pay large sums of money to post a job. The only jobs you are seeing with such sites, then, are the jobs that employers are paying to post.

This has the effect of limiting the number of jobs that are available for you to see. It would be like if Google only showed you results that people were paying $500 to have shown; you would get very few results when you run a search. Unfortunately, this is exactly how the average employment site works. Even if an employer does call on a job board to post a given job, that employer is unlikely to post all of their jobs with the site because it would cost too much money to do so. Instead, the employer will most often put the majority of jobs on its own website.

Many legal job sites are actually even worse than the sort described above. In addition to only showing you a limited number of jobs that employers are paying hundreds of dollars to post, some job boards do everything they can to drive traffic to their sites, meaning that users have more competition for a limited number of openings.

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We go out and find jobs.

What LawCrossing does is go out and find virtually every single one of these jobs. We contact employers, seeking all their jobs, and we do it in multiple ways. We contact employers and law firms directly. We scour websites for their jobs electronically and monitor their jobs several times a day to see if new jobs are coming up. We also monitor every single other job board we can find to make sure that we have all of the jobs in one place. This is a huge advantage to jobseekers and something that can give you access to jobs that people who do not use LawCrossing simply do not know are there.

"Because employers are paying so much money to post jobs, they expect a ton of applications," says Harrison Barnes, the CEO of Employment Research Institute. Accordingly, these job boards go out and do everything they can to drive users to these jobs. Their entire emphasis is on getting tons of people to apply to the jobs. The problem with this sort of business philosophy is that it actually makes it much harder for people applying for jobs to get jobs. Incredibly, when people are using the average job board they are using a site whose entire business model is based on keeping jobs out and making people apply to the few jobs that are there. "

When you see a given job board advertised on the side of a bus, on a bench, on television, during the Super Bowl, on the radio, in giant ads in newspapers and magazines, in parades, and elsewhere, you should look upon that particular job board with trepidation. Why? Because with these ads they are trying to drive too many people to too few jobs. The fact of the matter is that if there are more people applying to the jobs you are interested in, it's going to be much harder for you to find the right job.

The final thing that is so alarming to us is the fact that there are so many job boards out there. Jobs from employers can be found in the following places:

The list of places where jobs can be tracked down and found is nothing short of astounding, but this is precisely what we deal with at LawCrossing; we track down every single job that we can find from every single source that we can find.

When you think about using a job board that charges employers and sits around waiting for jobs to get posted, you are really short changing yourself. Why would you want to pick such a poor option?

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We post more than 5,000 new jobs per day.

Each day we get over 5,000 new legal jobs. We are finding jobs at such a rapid pace that you would no doubt find it difficult to get through all the jobs we post even if you dedicated yourself to the task full-time. The benefits of being able to access so many jobs are that you have the ability to make decisions in your life about:

More jobs give you more choices. More choices give you more opportunities to succeed and have the life and career that you want. This is what happens when you use our site: we show you jobs from everywhere. Knowing everything that is going on in the market and that is out there is the best thing you can possibly do for your career and job search.

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We list 100% of Fortune 500 jobs.

At LawCrossing you have access to 100% of the jobs advertised by Fortune 500 companies. By contrast, if you are relying solely on the "Big 3" jobs boards—Monster, HotJobs, and Careerbuilder—your access is limited to less than 20-25% of the job openings at Fortune 500 companies.

Often times the most successful companies have in-house recruiters and consequently post their job openings on their own company websites. Not only does this make sense for them financially, but it also narrows the applicant pool to a manageable amount. Because the big job boards charge upwards of $300 to advertise, many companies are opting not to list their openings there. Further, with upwards of 1,000 applicants per job listed on the Big Boards it allows hiring managers to avoid being inundated by "resume smog."1

That's where job aggregators like LawCrossing step in. We do the research, find the jobs not listed on public job boards, and aggregate them in one convenient location. Limiting yourself to around 20% of the jobs openings at Fortune 500 companies really forecloses on a lot of otherwise available opportunities. To compound the problem, often times these opportunities are the best opportunities out there in terms of job status and pay rate.

In order to find the best job out there for you, you need to have access to the best jobs. While in theory you could do all the research yourself and locate jobs listed on individual company sites, it would require an incredible amount of man-hours. So incredible that it would be humanly impossible for one individual to do so on her own. To maintain current information on all the jobs out there, in other words, to maintain a database rivaling ours at LawCrossing, you would need millions of dollars and the strength of 40 + people, working 24-hours a day, seven days a week. I'm sure most people don't have those resources, and if you do, you probably don't need a job.

To put it briefly, we give you access. Without access, you cannot get results.

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We offer live phone support.

There are real people behind the LawCrossing sites. These people are working like crazy to research jobs for you. You can reach us on the phone anytime between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), and we will be more than happy to speak with you about your job search. We want to help you and do everything within our power to answer your questions.

We are standing by ready to help you at all times and are eager to speak with you. We exist for you and our greatest interest is in being of service to you. We love speaking with our clients and hope that we can be of service to you.

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We monitor every legal job opening in the world we can find.

LawCrossing offers the largest collection of active legal jobs in the world. We continuously monitor the hiring needs of more than 250,000 legal employers, including virtually every law firm, corporation, government office, and public interest organization in the United States. We aggressively contact and investigate thousands of employers to learn about new positions.

Our users benefit from up-to-the-hour information on new legal jobs as it becomes available. We can even tell our members about a job whether the employer wants information about the job publicly disseminated or not.

In order to provide access to so many listings, we review more than 10, 000 websites in search of jobs every day. We search virtually every other job source for jobs as well. We literally provide access to more legal jobs than any other source out there. If you find a place that lists jobs that we do not know about, please let us know. After all, we want to know about every single job from every single location so that we can tell you about it.

While our competitors sit around and wait for people to show up and pay them to post jobs on their sites, we are out there researching and working hard for you.

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We offer an exclusive, members-only subscription to weed out stray job searchers.

Given the fact that we require a paid subscription to view jobs on our site, we are able to limit the number of people viewing our jobs. By limiting the number of people looking at our jobs, we are able to keep the number of people applying to jobs on our site down. By keeping the number of applications down, we make it much easier for you to find a job. This is a big part of the philosophy behind LawCrossing.

Sometimes what seems to be the downside to a particular method turns out, in reality, to be the upside. While a subscription to LawCrossing does require a job seeker to put up a small amount of cash, it is that very drawback that makes LawCrossing an effective and worthwhile investment. Here at LawCrossing, we spend 99% of our efforts and resources on researching and updating job openings. That kind of work is not cheap. Imagine investing thousands of hours a day researching jobs yourself. Needless to say, that would be impossible. So, we do it for you.

Your membership fees are going towards doing research. We take our membership fees and apply them to doing research on the market in order to find jobs. People who have never experienced LawCrossing often say, "I do not believe in paying to find a job." However, what these people fail to realize is what they are indirectly implying:

  • I want to compete with thousands of others for a single job
  • I want to only see a few jobs at a time and not every job in the market
  • I do not believe in research
  • My time is not valuable, and I want to take my chances with public job boards

Your time is valuable, and likewise, the amount of work and money that goes into researching legal jobs for you on LawCrossing is staggering. LawCrossing lists thousands of legal opportunities that you will not see elsewhere.

And here's the key to the success of LawCrossing: we work for the job seeker, not employers. We get the maximum number of job listings possible for our subscribers, including jobs not advertised elsewhere. And then, we limit who can search for jobs on LawCrossing. At LawCrossing, it is easier to find a job because, simply put, there is often less competition for our listings than those posted elsewhere. Not only do our researchers find jobs not posted anywhere else, but about 95% of jobseekers are weeded out because they do not wish to pay a fee for membership.

So in fact, the supposed downside of paying a membership fee becomes the sweet upside. Not only do you see all the jobs that non-members can't see, but you are a member of a limited class of people as well. With LawCrossing, one of the primary hurdles to finding acceptable employment is largely overcome: competition is reduced to a far more manageable level.

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We expend 99% of our efforts on researching and updating job openings.

The vast majority of our efforts are spent researching jobs and updating jobs so that our subscribers have access to virtually every job opening out there and so that all openings are kept current. We are a research-driven organization whose primary aim is to locate as many job opportunities as possible for our members. We organize the products of our research and eliminate a good portion of the cumbersome process of finding a job. Not only do we locate jobs not listed anywhere else, but we do so on such a massive scale that it would be impossible for any individual to even come close to duplicating our research efforts.

We work hard for you and provide our members with the advantage of having a personal army of researchers tirelessly locating new and varying legal job opportunities.

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We allow you to search for old and archived jobs so you can see what firms have hired people in the past.

As a legal recruiter, one of the ways that I am able to find jobs for my candidates is by researching and understanding the sorts of people they have hired in the past. There are multiple advantages to this because the past is a great indicator of what firms are likely to do in the future.

LawCrossing archives allows you to see employers that have hired people in the past. Just because an employer does not have a current opening does not mean they will not have an interest in you.

The lifecycle of attorneys inside of law firms is predictable. Associates stay for a few years unless they advance and become partners—if the associate becomes a partner the law firm may need to hire a new associate, if the associate leaves the law firm may need to hire a new associate. Unless the law firm is going through multiple boom and bust cycles, most are relatively stable and have the same sort of work (and need the same sorts of attorneys) year after year. Therefore, attorneys are coming and going with some regularity and this means that—to a certain extent—law firms are hiring associates in your practice area every few years. Similarly, there is attrition in government offices, in house positions and other legal positions as well and the same sort of predictability exists.

Using the LawCrossing Archives you can find employers that have hired people with your background in the past and approach these employers to see if they might have interest in you now.

  • Employers that were interested in someone like you previously may be interested in someone like you again—there is a decent chance they will be.
  • If the employer does not currently have an advertised opening, you will also have a very good chance getting a position with them if they have a need and you are the only person they are considering.
  • The employer may also be flattered that you took the time to show interest in them despite them not having an opening.

LawCrossing Archives are an incredible resource that will assist you in tracking down and locating employers that are likely to hire someone like you—regardless of whether they have current openings. Reviewing archived jobs is one of the smartest ways to find employers that have hired and needed people like you in the past—and may likely need someone like you again.

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There are thousands of online testimonials from legal professionals who got their jobs through us.

Every day, thousands of legal professionals come to LawCrossing in search of the perfect legal position, and every now and then, one of them writes to us to let us know about their experiences using LawCrossing in their employment search. Scores of individuals living across the country have gone out of their way to applaud LawCrossing on its usability and helpfulness.

Prospective members, yourself included, can refer to these testimonials as proof that LawCrossing really does work. We provide access to more job listings than any other site because we invest thousands of hours into researching and updating openings. We aim to get you a job. However, the testimonials of our happy users also serve another purpose. Those who testify as to their successes and how they achieved them working with LawCrossing provide other jobseekers with insight as to how to effectively utilize the tools available to LawCrossing members.

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We are the number one source of all legal jobs available in America.

The fact that we are the number one source relied upon by legal recruiting firms speaks volumes about us and our services. We literally have the largest legal job board in the country and offer something recruiting professionals know you can't get anywhere else. We aggregate jobs from thousands and thousands of different sources and make them accessible to our subscribers at the click of a mouse.

LawCrossing has continually been rated the number one legal job board in the nation because it has job openings from virtually every employer career webpage, every law firm, every public interest organization, every government office, and every job board in America. We research job listings from all over the spectrum, and then we condense them all into one convenient location for our members.

By aggregating jobs for our members, we make virtually every opportunity available to them. The greater the opportunities, the greater the chances of finding a job, and of finding one that is a good fit as well. By becoming a member of LawCrossing, you get the benefits of having a personal army tirelessly researching job opportunities for you.

Aside from providing access to more legal jobs than any other site, LawCrossing provides you with access to more non-competitive legal jobs. Because of the costs of posting jobs on other job boards, many employers prefer to list their job openings on their own websites. LawCrossing, unlike any other job board, searches these individual company websites to locate those jobs. The end result is a combination of more and more jobs that only LawCrossing members are seeing. This is particularly important in today's job market, where according to the 5th edition of Job-Hunting Online, more and more employers are looking to avoid "resume smog." Employers using other sites to advertise job openings are often inundated with hundreds or even thousands of resumes for a single opening. When competition is so stiff, job hunting becomes a terribly difficult task.

So why not take advice from the professionals, and find out for yourself why LawCrossing is at the top of its game? There is obviously a reason that LawCrossing is the number one resource for both professionals and law students seeking legal employment.

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