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Assistant Dean of Career Services at TMSL

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Davis, who has 15 years of legal experience, has spent much of her career in the law school career services field. She served as the Director of Public Service Programs at the University of Texas School of Law immediately prior to joining TMSL and also functioned as the Assistant Director of Career Services and Professional Development at Chapman University School of Law in Orange, California. Her experience also includes time spent as the Assistant Dean of Career Development at the University of Houston Law Center.

Before becoming involved in law school career services, Davis was a Legal Research Writing Instructor and a District Counsel and Immigration Liaison for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. She has also served a range of roles in law schools, government agencies, and other US legal organizations.

In the past she also served as a board member of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), where she was additionally involved with the Diversity Committee Liaison and served as a National Advisory Council Member of Equal Justice Work. She was also the Chair of the Executive Board for the Southeastern Minority Recruitment Program (SEMJF), a member of the PSLawNet Advisory Council, and an Executive Board Member of the American Association for Law Schools Pro Bono Committee. At the present time, Davis is an active member of the NALP Awards of Distinction Committee.

As the Assistant Dean of Career Services at TMSL, Davis manages the entire career services department, including its resources and staff members. She is heavily involved in bringing employment opportunities to the students and graduates of TMSL through outreach services and on-campus interview programs.

Davis also presents workshops on a range of career topics including interview techniques, resume building, business etiquette, appropriate business attire, recruiting matters, and networking.

She holds a JD from Southern University Law Center and a BA in Business Administration from Dillard University.

University of Texas School of Law


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