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Why We're Not Free

LawCrossing is a job reporting and job opening research service.

LawCrossing works for both the job seeker and employers. We research jobs and provide job seekers with unbiased job-opening research, while at the same time offering employers paid job options. It costs us a great deal of time and money to research job openings for you and what we do is radically different than any other job site out there. In fact, we are not really a job site and are, instead, a research service for people who want to know about all of the jobs in the market. Other job sites get jobs on their sites by charging employers to appear there. While we do offer paid job posting for employers, we also go out and research jobs from every source we can find and put them on our site.

Because we are a research-oriented service, our users on an average tend to be people with high incomes, good educations, and the upwardly mobile. We believe our research is valuable to everyone; however, users of our service are overwhelmingly the highest paid people in society with good educations. Because we offer the most comprehensive research out there, our site is not inexpensive and it is not for everyone. As an advocate for job seekers and employers, we do have advertising and allow paid job listings, yet we always clearly show you whether a listing is a paid listing or not. We also make sure that we weed out jobs on our site to show you the most relevant jobs and do not clog our listings with pages and pages of irrelevant jobs seeking your resume instead of advertising actual jobs.

We charge a negligible fee to access our site for 30 days. Sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, HotJobs, SimplyHired and so forth are free. If your career is not that important and the sort of job you end up is not that important to you, then we suggest you do not join LawCrossing. We will not be worth your money to you. Frankly, we also want people who appreciate our site and what we do and can benefit from our work.

The real advantage of dealing with us is that our fees will never get in the way of people hiring you, or the jobs you will see. The sites mentioned above all may appear "free" but their job is to drive thousands of applicants to each job because employers pay them to post jobs on their sites. In contrast, LawCrossing works for both the job seeker and the employer, remaining fair and balanced so that you can tell the difference between a paid listing and one obtained from our research. Our job is to find every job in the market and many of the jobs we find have received few if any applications.

Considering that a common recruiting service would charge an employer 25% to 40% of your annual salary for having procured your employment, or a typical job site charges $500 or more for an employer to post a job on it (and doesn't supplement its paid listings with research), we think the right career move is obvious when it comes to using LawCrossing.

The System is Broken: Other Job Sites Are Not Doing What They Promise

We believe the typical system is broken. Typical job sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired, HotJobs and TheLadders may promise to help you find legal jobs, but these companies usually charge employers to post jobs on their sites—in some cases more than $500 for a single job posting. While we charge employers to post on our site, the difference is that we also do research 24/7 to find you every other job out there, not just the ones that employers pay to post!

We know that many employers are not interested in paying these high fees, and the result is fewer job listings available for job seekers. In the end, the employer suffers, as a result of not paying for the service. The potential hires too suffer because they never learn about the legal opportunity. That's why we do the research and search everywhere to find you the rest of the jobs to fill in the gaps that other sites miss.

So, while LawCrossing does charge employers to post jobs on our site, we also go out and find jobs from every single source we can find and bring them all to our site. We also remain unbiased as we always show you the difference between a paid legal job listing and a job that we research ourselves. Whether it is jobs from every job board we can find in your industry or jobs from employer websites—all of these jobs are there on LawCrossing. In fact, there are more jobs on LawCrossing than any other source.