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Why Advertise with Us?

LawCrossing provides more traffic daily than any other legal career site, including competing legal job boards, recruiters, etc.

Your ability to target a specific market on LawCrossing is almost unparalleled. For instance, because lawyers, legal staff, and law students each have their own areas on our site, you can target them specifically.

If your market is local to, say, Chicago, you can advertise only on the pages of LawCrossing that include Chicago jobs. That's targeted marketing at its best.

Check out the rate chart below and pick the ad that works best for your business. For any further inquiries, contact Christy Moon


Home Page

The main page of the contains links to five different channels. It also serves as the starting page for every job search.

120x60 $600/m
125x125 $700/m
212x90 $800/m
468x60 $1,000/m
120x600 $1,600/m

Interior Pages

120x60 $500/m
125x125 $625/m
212x90 $700/m
468x60 $900/m
120x600 $1,125/m


Targeted pages allow you to zero in on a specific market or geographical location, enabling you to maximize their market penetration. For example, if you want to only advertise in the Greater Chicago market, your ad will be displayed when a user searches for a job in Chicago.

468x60 $750/m

Infomercials and Specialized Ads

Infomercials serve as stand-out advertising to vendors who desire to reach potential customers with more than just a banner. Each infomercial appears as a layout with your company logo and text.

Infomercial $1,750/m

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Customer testimonials:

I have been a long time subscriber to LawCrossing and have been able to get 3 out of my 5 jobs with the help of your site. I am grateful and I just keep telling all of my colleagues to use your site and they have met with success as well. Thank you.

Ryan C., Los Angeles, CA.