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The Lawyer Satisfaction Blog Is a Good Resource for Lawyers

published November 14, 2016

Amanda Griffin
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Summary: The Lawyer Satisfaction Blog is a resource for lawyers to take control of their careers with advice from career planning expert Ronald W. Fox.

Ronald W. Fox Runs The Lawyer Satisfaction Blog
Ronald W. Fox, Esq. is motivated by this quote from defrocked Catholic priest Matthew Fox, “If there is no bliss in our work, no passion or ecstasy, we have not yet found our work. We may have a job, but we do not yet have work. We have a right to and a need for joy in our work. There can be no joy in living without joy in our work.”

For the last 25 years, Fox has helped lawyers in transition, dissatisfied lawyers, and law students by providing advice and guidance. His primary goal is to help lawyers realize they are not stuck in a job they don’t like and can take control of their career.

Fox graduated from Harvard Law School and served in the US Army JAG. He then took a position with a corporate law firm that was not the right fit for him. He spent the next 15 years with an insurance company where he continued to practice law, practicing as a solo practitioner, and then switching to his own law firm to represent low and middle-income people. He was one of the first lawyers to provide divorce mediation. These experiences all led to him being hired in 1984 as an adviser at Harvard Law for students that were not interested in corporate law.

The blog was started as a way to continue to help law students and lawyers better understand their options and how to get off of paths they were not happy with. Quite often law firms promote corporate law because it pays the best, but there are some people that desire more satisfaction from their work, which is where Fox plays a role.

The blog has not been updated since 2011, but that does not mean the information still available on the blog is not relevant for lawyers struggling in their career.