How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews

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Summary: In a recent article, Harrison Barnes, a legal recruiter and founder of BCG Attorney Search and CEO of LawCrossing, explains how to ace your law firm job interview.

How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews

Have you ever wondered how you could better prepare for those daunting law firm job interviews? In a new article, Harrison Barnes provides insight into the interview process so that you may better prepare-and land your dream job. Be sure to check out the entire article, Top 23 Law Firm Interview Tips: How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews, for all 23 tips and tricks.

First, make sure that you have on clean, crisp attire. Be honest when discussing your job history, and be prepared to take on some tough questions. Don't get caught off guard by information that is on your resume!

Make sure you think about possible interview questions beforehand, especially, "Tell me a little about yourself." Barnes suggests treating it like an essay and thinking about it before you arrive at your interview. Make sure to connect your qualities to the job position as well.

If you are asked about your weaknesses, say that you work too much and that you cannot let an issue go until it is resolved.

If the interviewer asks inappropriate questions, simply ask how it is related to the job. However, remember to be polite.

If you bomb the interview, put it in the past-everyone has a bad interview! Besides, if you get rejected, it may be due to office politics or something else completely out of your control.

For the rest of the article, and for more insight into the legal job industry, be sure to check out the article, Top 23 Law Firm Interview Tips: How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews.

Source: BCG Attorney Search

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