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Jacquie’s Mediation & Legal Document Assistance Services

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Personal Life

Jacquie’s Mediation & Legal Document Assistance Services
Jacqueline-Vacher Callagan owns and operates Jacquie's Mediation/Legal Document Assistance Services at 901 H Street, Suite 106 Sacramento, CA 95814. She is a certified Mediator and Legal Document Assistant who specializes in family law and probate. Jacqueline is also a California Notary Public. She is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an associate member of the Sacramento County Bar for family law and probate. Jacqueline has been featured in the Sacramento Bee and theDaily Recorder, which described her as a "paralegal with a heart of gold." She has forty years experience as a legal staff member, and twenty-eight of those years have been devoted to successfully running her business in the California.

Prior to becoming a legal staff member and establishing her business, Jacqueline served companies in the personnel department. She also owned and operated three employment agencies in the Sacramento area prior to entering the legal field.

Jacqueline was born in Aurora, IL, and raised in Washington State and California. She obtained a paralegal certificate and studied administrative law, business law, and family law. Jacqueline continues her education. She is proud of her children and grandchildren. When Jacqueline isn't working, she enjoys collecting art, gardening, and spending time with her six yard rabbits, six chickens, and her two Bichon Frise, Jake and Libby. She also loves reading anything written by Graham Hancock.

Jacqueline's Successful Business and Tips for Paralegals

Why did Jacqueline decide to become a legal staff member? She explained that she has always been interested in the law. Jacqueline noted that while she worked in an employment agency, some of her clients included attorneys. She said attorneys encouraged her to become a legal staff member. After working for a law firm in Montreal, Jacqueline served as a legal staff member for an attorney in Sacramento. The attorney was pleased with her service and hired her after a week. Jacqueline has been a legal staff member since then. She added, "I am always resolving issues so everyone has a voice."

What is mediation? "Resolving two people's issues together in a fair and equitable matter if possible."

The businesswoman discussed the best part about her job. "I enjoy solving people's problems."

Jacqueline also discussed why she appreciates working for herself. "I enjoy my freedom and the flexibility of my schedule. I also enjoy choosing the cases I work on."

What is the mediator and legal document assistant known for professionally? "I am a good listener who is practical and understanding." Jacqueline's clients have written to her that they don't know how they would have gotten through their situation without her service. The legal document assistant pointed out that ninety percent of her clients are referrals.

When asked what she thinks about the mediation and legal document assistant field in Northern California, Jacqueline replied, "The process is efficient and cost effective."

Since Jacqueline has been in business for twenty-eight years as a Mediator and Legal Document Assistant, many readers may be wondering what advice she has for new legal staff members. "It's an interesting field. The law changes and it's modified frequently. It's rewarding to see people reach agreements and remain friends after dissolving their marriage."

What advice would the businesswoman give to students who are thinking about becoming a legal staff member? "It's a rewarding career. Don't be afraid to just jump right into it."

Does Jacqueline have an opinion of California's legal market? She acknowledged that attorneys play a significant role in the corporate field. Jacqueline also emphasized that every company has a legal department.

What motivates her to be a mediator and legal document assistant everyday? "I enjoy solving people's problems. I am good at it. I also enjoy the precision of the legal field."

Jacqueline's Mentors and Mentoring Others, Volunteer Activities and Pro Bono Work

Does Jacqueline have a mentor? Is she a mentor? Jacqueline served as a legal secretary for attorney John Saldine. The businesswoman had several mentors throughout her career, but she admires Mr. Saldine the most. Although Jacqueline doesn't directly mentor individuals, she advises and supports all legal staff members.

Is she involved with any volunteer activities? Jacqueline is passionate about animals and she financially supports the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The ASPCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals.

Does the mediator and legal document assistant handle pro bono work? "Yes. I handle pro bono cases as needed with or without being asked."

Downside to Her Position and Jacqueline's Goals

Is there a downside to Jacqueline's position? "Yes. I occasionally get too involved with my clients' cases. Sometimes I cry with them because I can’t fix everything."

Does she have goals? "Professionally, I would like to continue what I am doing, honing new skills, and making sure my clients are happy with my work. Personally, I would like to travel to New Zealand and Easter Island. I have traveled to fourteen countries in Europe, Canada, South America, and Alaska."

*** Jacqueline is not an attorney and can't give legal advice. ***

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