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Is Being a Family Lawyer the Right Choice for You?

published February 08, 2013

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Are you right in choosing family law as a career for yourself? The answer depends on many things: your legal and "people" skills, your personality, and your personal and professional goals.
Is Being A Family Lawyer The Right Choice For You?

Several of the family lawyers surveyed for this article quickly point out that law students should do some research and reflecting before choosing this field to make sure it is it is a good match for them.

"Look before you leap!" advises a lawyer with 25 years' experience whose own practice is 90% family law. "Family law is not for everyone. You need to examine your own biases and psychological problems, if you have any"
Law students who are considering this field can purchase a student membership in the ABA's Family Law Section for only $6 a year.

This entitles them to discounts on Section programs and subscriptions to Family Advocate magazine and the Family Law Journal. Membership would also allow them to network with practitioners through regional or national programs. Law students may also want to check out local bar associations for several networking opportunities and discounted CLE programs.

"Students need to develop an action plan in the first year of law school," explains Ronald Fox, director of the Center for Professional Development in the Law in Cambridge, MA, who counsels lawyers on career decisions. "They should sign up for as many family-law related classes as possible, including clinical, trial, mediation, child or juvenile law, and health law."
He also recommends students sign up for local family law bar committees. "They should join school or outside women and family groups," according to Fox, "and if there aren't any, they should form them."

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