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Pace Law School - Transforming Law Students into Formidable Lawyers

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Established in 1976, Pace University School of Law is located on thirteen acres that's home to several buildings, both traditional and modern. Incorporating what it refers to as ''intense exposure to real world meaning of the abstract concepts'' of the legal profession, it is a highly sought after program by potential law students from states around the country. Recognizing each semester's new student body will likely play a significant role in the future of law, as each professor takes a personal interest in each of these students. So what does Pace Law School hope to achieve?

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  • That a true reflection of the ethnic and cultural makeup in the U.S. is represented in the legal and judiciary professions
  • Public policy will once again become ''public''
  • To ensure each student who wishes to study law has the opportunity to do so, regardless of one's financial status (it works with students to secure financing or take advantage of various scholarships and grants)
  • Continue its low student to teacher ratios
It's a combination of these projections that sets Pace apart from other law schools – both in New York State and the U.S. as a whole. It chooses its law professors carefully and gives preference to those who give their all and have faith in each of the students it accepts. They want their leaders to be willing to go the extra mile and assist graduates as they begin to explore their future options.

Pace Law School consistently rates in the top three for environmental law programs throughout the U.S. and its on-campus recruiting seminars are known for attracting the best law firms.

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On the campus, you'll discover the New York State Judicial Institute, the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, where Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. serves as co-director, and The Women's Justice Center, which focuses on ending domestic violence in America. It works to ensure the legal rights of women, their children, and the elderly are protected and the program itself is the oldest college-based program in the nation.

The close professional relationships between faculty and the student body are due to its smaller and more intimate class structures. Most classes have fewer than 85 students and surprisingly, every dean, faculty member and administrator has an open-door policy for all.

The school offers an Environmental Law Program, International Law Program and Immigration Clinic. It hosts several career fairs each year and then an annual fair each spring. The spring career fair attracts public, private and government bodies as they are introduced to the graduating class. It's been a success for many years and continues to grow.

For more information on Pace Law School, visit the institution's website at

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Pace Law School


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