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How to Be a District Attorney

published June 22, 2009

By Silas Reed
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The Road to Becoming a DA

It can take years of education and experience in order to become a district attorney.

The first step in the process is to obtain a bachelors degree. It does not necessarily matter what your bachelor’s degree is in, but there are certain majors that might assist you with a career in the legal field. For example, majoring in criminal justice, criminal law, or pre-law can be beneficial down the road, especially to those hoping to become prosecutors and district attorneys.

A district attorney’s job can entail a lot, so it is wise to also take classes that will aid you in your future employment as a DA while pursuing an undergraduate degree. Classes like psychology, public speaking, communication, and even some additional science classes can be beneficial.

Once you receive your bachelor’s degree, you will need to study for, and take the LSAT exam. This is an exam that potential law schools look at in order to decide whether you are cut out to pursue a career as an attorney.

Internships during your schooling are another great way to enhance your educational experience in preparation for your career as a district attorney. Ideally, if you can get an internship at your local district attorney's office you will not only gain valuable information and experience, but you will also make valuable professional connections that may help you professionally down the road.

Once you have your LSAT scores, you will begin the job of selecting the law schools that you would like to apply to. Attorneys have to graduate from an accredited law school in order to practice law. However, that is not all that you have to do to become a full-fledged attorney. Additionally, after you receive your law degree, you will need to pass the BAR exam in whichever state you plan on practicing law.

After you have completed your law program, achieved your degree and passed the bar exam then you can begin looking for a position as an attorney. As a district attorney hopeful, you may consider applying for a job at a district attorney’s office.  District attorneys usually have a staff of assistants who help them prosecute, and compile cases.  Gaining experience through this avenue can eventually lead to your ultimate goal of becoming a district attorney.

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