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How to Apply for the MPRE

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When you are an attorney through the American Bar Association, something that you are going to be required to do is to follow professional standards of conduct. These are based upon the American Bar Association's Model Rules and Codes. When you take the MPRE, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, you will be able to show that you understand the rules and codes set aside by the American Bar Association. In order to take the bar exam in all but three jurisdictions, you need to have a passing grade on the MPRE.

The first thing that you will want to do is determine your own jurisdiction. This is done through the Bar Admission Office. You will want to figure out which jurisdiction you are in, because that will determine which score you need to get in order to have a passing score. This is usually between 75 and 86. There might also be some jurisdiction specific information that you will need to be made aware of, so it is very important to contact the jurisdiction to figure out what pieces of information are important for you to know.

You will want to figure out the dates and locations of the tests. In most places, the exam, which is multiple choice, is offered three times a year. Most of these times are on Saturdays. You will want to pick not only the location, but the date that works the best for you. There are usually deadline dates for applying for the exam, most of the time they are five or six weeks before the actual date of the test.

Next, you will want to apply for the MPRE online at the National Conference of Bar Examiners. This website will take you to a registration website that is secure and that will give you a good chance of filling it out online. There is a $55 fee that you must also pay, and you must be sure that you have applied for the test in enough time so that you can meet the particular application deadline.

You might also want to submit a paper application instead of an online registration. It is recommended that you apply online, but they will also accept a paper application. If you do decide to do a paper application, you need to mail it to the Iowa City Office in time for it to arrive before 5 pm on the deadline date.

After you have filled out and sent in the application and the fee, you can expect to get an admissions ticket, which will have the test date for you, and the location of your exam. You will want to watch your mail after you have applied, because that is where the ticket will arrive. If there is an error in your application, you'll get it back and you will need to correct it and resubmit it. If you fill out your application online, you can get it accepted and can print your admission ticket, but if you do your application by mail, the admission ticket will be mailed to you.

There is an identification section that is located at the bottom of your admission ticket. This needs to be filled out, and you need to attach a passport-sized photo to it. You will need to have the admission ticket, plus the identification card that says who you are, so that you will be able to get admission to the testing center.

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