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The Job Profile and Responsibilities

published March 03, 2009

By Brendon Buthello
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A real estate attorney handles their clients’ down payments, deal documentation, and money deposits related to the estate. Also, the attorney is responsible for making his or her client understand the complicated clauses related to real estate and property issues.

A real estate attorney is responsible to host and handle the closing of a deal if the lender's attorney does not do it. If the lender’s attorney does close the deal, then it is the up to the real estate attorney to represent the client. The client’s primary concern is to find an ideal real estate attorney who can handle such cases with ease and help the client in every possible way.

Some of the most important services of a real estate attorney are:

1) Property disputes: Attorneys are helpful in settling property-related disputes by means of litigation. They also aid in the selling of such disputed properties so that the money received can be utilized for settlements.

2) Tenancy disputes: Disputes arising out a consistent banter between landlords and tenants are solved by real estate attorneys.

3) Property settlements after death: Properties of the deceased are also handled and taken care of by such attorneys. The heir’s accounts are sometimes settled by selling off the property.

4) Divorce settlements: Some of the attorneys even handle divorce cases; especially if the property owners are joint and complications are involved.

5) Replace brokers: Real estate responsibility is assigned to a real estate attorney by some people, especially when they are uncomfortable inking a deal with a broker. Only a few attorneys take such tasks.

6) Work as advisors/consultants: Real estate investors hire attorneys related to the real estate practice area in order to have smooth transactions done. The average real estate investor is always hard up on time; hence it is helpful for him or her to have an attorney to handle good deals.

7) Information provider: Real estate investors hire real estate attorneys for inside information and knowledge about existing laws and available sales. The investors always stand to gain by knowing information from these attorneys. Most good deals are closed in this manner.

Shelter is one of the most vital things for one’s livelihood. Property sellers and property buyers are so much in vogue in today’s society. Irrespective of the fact that real estate is booming or not, real estate attorneys are always in demand. Real estate involves huge monetary transactions and lots and lots of legal paper work is involved. Real estate lawyers who specialize in property cases work in purchase and sale contracts, non-disclosures, title and property disputes, as well as financing. These deals are primarily governed by federal statutes, state statutes, common law statutes, etc.

All those who are salaried real estate lawyers in the US have a resembling pattern and set schedule for work. Even the given salary depends on the type and size of their respective employers. Law firms always encourage lawyers to work for them and give more compensation than a single real estate lawyer could make on his or her own. The profession is much in demand in the US and such lawyers are fast growing in number today.

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