How to Deal With the Bar Exam

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First of all, we all hope that this year there won't be bar exam controversies like the South Carolina debacle last year. Part of the bar exam was stricken and didn't count. We can also hope New York is on the ball after last year losing some exams due to a software crash.

Still, if problems develop, at least in New York you can go through a secret appeals process. In other states one may exist as well.

Of course, the bar exam is a big test. Our advice: relax. However, you probably shouldn't go to a "pre-bar exam orgy." That's probably a little too much relaxation. It's probably not a good idea to use profane language to answer the questions either.

And it's really taking it to extremes to threaten to blow up your Bar/Bri class. Of course, maybe students will catch a break and those prices will go down as a result of a lawsuit.

If you want to know what the bar is like, there's a documentary to help you out. But all you have to do is pass, although sources disagree on how to do it.

To take the bar you can rely on a pencil or on new software.

After the bar you can take the obligatory post-bar trip — with start dates pushed back at many firms, you may have plenty of time to do it. Good luck on the exam!

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