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Texting: The Way to Communicate?

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According to Communication World, in 2002, 80% of U.S. cell phone users were "talkers." When 2006 rolled around, that 80% turned into 42%. Texting became an official trend.

Texting is convenient and can be done so quickly that it is no surprise that students have taken a liking to it. Today's phones are even built sleeker for talk and text comfort.

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, "60% of the online population under age 17 uses text messages." These students are basically using texting as a way to socialize and connect with each other. This recreational act has become a new phenomenon.

If you are in a meeting, sitting in traffic, or working out at the gym, text messaging is the easiest way to go. NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary describes how the new age of texting is even infiltrating spoken language with its abbreviations. "BRB" and "ROFL" have been basic terms in instant messaging jargon for years, but now they are popping up in conversation across the country.

This new "texting language" has abbreviations that baffle the average Baby Boomer, and although a lot of parents dislike this form of communication, members of the younger generations are rapidly adopting it.

Students are texting in classrooms and other locations where communication is limited but not forbidden. Think about the time it takes to physically go on your computer, search your address book, and send out an email. Everything from pressing "compose" to hitting "send" now seems tedious and time consuming to many. With a cell phone, you click away, and in minutes your message is sent. Your recipient gets it almost automatically. He or she may be running around or away from his or her desk, but that text will arrive quicker than anything else.

Some people are deemed "texters," and numerous young adults are becoming accustomed to the label. They own the skill better than anyone else, and in our fast-paced environment, it is seemingly a good talent to excel at.

So, to the dismay of teachers and impatient drivers, cell phones and texting are here to stay. Although it puts a damper on in-person interactions, it's effective enough to get the message across. People need to remember, though, that text messaging shouldn't be their only form of communication, especially in romantic situations, as emotions and reactions are left to the imagination. Texting should also be kept brief and easy to decipher. As long as you reach out to friends and family in ways other than via messaging, there is nothing wrong with getting your text on. TTYL.

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