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The Benefits of Joint JD-MBA Programs: How It Can Help Further Your Career

published March 07, 2023

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Joint JD MBA programs allow students to receive two degrees at the same time, a Juris Doctorate (JD) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). These programs serve to benefit students who are looking to specialize in both law and business.. JD MBA programs are offered through established law and business schools, and generally take three years to complete. During the program, students take courses that cover both business law and finance.

The primary benefit of the JD MBA programs is the possibility of increased career opportunities. Graduates of these programs are highly sought-after by employers because they have the expertise to negotiate and manage both business and legal transactions. In addition, most employers are willing to pay higher salaries to JD MBA graduates due to their dual degrees.

In order to successfully complete the JD MBA program, students must be highly motivated and well-organized. To do so, students should identify the basic skills required for each degree, and practice these skills to ensure mastery. In addition, students should also learn how to manage their time effectively between the two programs, as well as develop relationships with other students and faculty.

Given the rising demand for business law professionals, more and more universities are offering JD MBA programs. Students should also carefully consider the various options available, such as whether to attend a full-time or part-time program. The cost of attending each program should also be taken into account.

Overall, the joint JD MBA programs offer a great opportunity for those interested in both law and business. With two degrees, graduates will be well-equipped to pursue a variety of career paths. Those considering a joint JD MBA program should carefully evaluate the different options and consider their lifestyle, finances, and career aspirations prior to making a decision. Joint JD MBA programs can provide students with an excellent foundation for a successful career in business and law.

Joint JD/MBA Programs

Joint JD/MBA programs are becoming increasingly popular, and not just among law students. Business students and those looking to build a career that combines elements of the fields of law and business are finding that these joint degree programs offer an excellent way to gain the knowledge and experience they need to establish a successful career. With the right joint degree program, you can get the necessary credentials to work in both a law and business setting.

Joint JD/MBA programs have been around for more than three decades, but they have become increasingly popular in recent years as the demand for lawyers with a business background has grown. Businesses now recognize the importance of having knowledgeable attorneys who understand the intricacies of the corporate world and are able to provide sound legal advice on business matters. The joint JD/MBA program allows graduates to gain an understanding of both the legal and business sides of a company, giving them the ideal qualifications for a successful career.

Joint JD/MBA programs typically require students to complete the same number of credit hours as other, single-discipline graduate degrees, such as an MBA or JD program. However, some joint degree programs require students to complete additional courses to ensure they have achieved sufficient knowledge in both the legal and business fields. As a result, joint degree programs take a bit more time to complete than single-discipline degree programs.

Traditionally, a joint degree JD/MBA program usually consists of completing three years of coursework in the law school, followed by one year of coursework in the business school. For example, an individual who chooses to pursue a joint JD/MBA program might first complete three years of law school, earning a JD degree, and then complete one year of MBA coursework, earning an MBA degree. Some programs, however, allow students to complete their JD and MBA simultaneously in four years or even three years, depending on the program.

Joint JD/MBA programs are becoming increasingly popular in the legal profession. With the right joint degree program, individuals can gain the necessary credentials to work in both a legal and business setting, allowing them to combine their legal and business knowledge to build a successful career. With the growing demand for lawyers who understand the corporate world, individuals with a joint JD/MBA can gain access to a wide range of professional opportunities.


The law school that I am thinking of attending offers a joint JD/MBA program that I could theoretically finish in the same time it would take me to get my JD. Should I take this opportunity? How would this increase my chances of getting a law firm job, since this is what I am sure I want to do?
How can doing a joint JD and MBA Program help one in career : Q&A with BCG Attorney Search

Adding an MBA to your list of academic accomplishments can only benefit you in the long run, no matter what you eventually choose to do with your life or legal career. Since you seem to have decided that joining a law firm is what you want to do in the near future, there are several benefits to having an MBA when entering law firm life.

First, given the type of training that occurs, in our opinion it would be quite wise if an MBA were an actual requirement for getting a law degree. This is due to the fact that the practice of law is so closely related to business and few attorneys appear to realize this. In fact, attorneys traditionally are known in the business community as some of the worst businessmen. Being an attorney has numerous components that involve business such as marketing, the value of your time, hiring and firing, renting office space, managing payroll and numerous cost-benefit type calculations. While traditionally law was portrayed as something that was not a business, you should make no mistake about one central fact: The law is a business.

If you start your career in a law firm position, you may one day become a partner and be responsible for many of the day-to-day business decisions associated with the running of the law firm. Even if you do not choose to remain with a law firm, you may one day open your own practice. The training an MBA provides will help you navigate the waters in terms of running your own law firm. Your own law firm, incidentally, would be a small business.

A second aspect to consider in getting an MBA is how it could teach you to think in a different way. MBAs are known as "bean counters" for a reason. As a general rule, MBAs tend to be very risk averse and good at pointing out the risks inherent in any business situation. In fact, many entrepreneurs that have hired MBAs report that they are continually told by MBAs to simply shut down their businesses! This type of risk averse behavior is exactly what most lawyers do with clients on a daily basis. While we are, in fact, having some fun with the above statements, the generalities they express are on point and some of the better attorneys we have known have been MBAs.

Third, you may consider getting an MBA if you are interested in corporate work. Beyond the practical training and the training in the "MBA thought process", an MBA will also teach you a great deal about the inner workings of the financial system and about many of the types of companies you are likely to do work for as a corporate attorney.

Fourth, even if you decide not to do corporate work, an MBA is not a liability. Since the majority of law schools with joint programs heavily favor the JD degree when constructing the curriculum, the amount of legal education will be on par with that of any other student who is just focusing on the law. Additionally, any extra knowledge that you can bring to the table, even if it is not directly applicable, is going to make you a more attractive candidate.

Fifth, if you eventually decide that practicing law is not for you, having an MBA is probably the only other degree that instantly grants you access to the kind of high-paying professional jobs that lawyers enjoy. Make no mistake about it: numerous attorneys leave the practice of law each year. You may be dead-set on being an attorney right now, but things change and many people who go into the law eventually come to rethink their decision. An MBA is a great thing to be able to fall back on.

The only con - and it potentially is a big one - is that some law firms may interpret getting these two degrees, which really represent two diverse career paths, as indecision in what you want out of your future. If a firm thinks that you are applying to them simply to get a feel for what working in a law firm is like before you make the jump to corporate life, they may be less willing to hire you. If there is one thing that law firms value, perhaps above all else, it is a singleness of purpose when it comes to careers and what attorneys are willing to give back to the firm. With that said, there are many firms who are not nearly as concerned with this, but the stodgier, more traditional firms may not understand your motivations.

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published March 07, 2023

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 145 votes, average: 4.7 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.