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Paralegals are professionals qualified by education, training or work experience performing legal work that is otherwise the responsibility of a lawyer. They do not provide legal advice or present cases in court, and are even not authorized to settle fees. Paralegals can find employment opportunities in law firms, in-house legal departments, state, federal, and local government agencies and courts, accounting and engineering firms, title companies, construction companies, legal clinics, and legal aid offices, etc. They can find employment almost everywhere where law-related work is performed. The work of the paralegals depend on the type of office they work in. Wherever they work, their main aim is to achieve and maintain a high level of competence and secondly to uphold a high degree of personal and professional integrity. They may specialize in different areas of the law, including litigation, personal injury, corporate law, criminal law, intellectual property, labor law, employee benefits, etc. An employment law paralegal can draft employee policy and procedures manuals, help facilitate positions in organized labor campaigns, prepare position papers, complaints and affidavits in discrimination cases, etc. Their duties are much similar to those of litigation paralegals. Most law firms seek paralegals with a degree or certificate and prior experience, although some firms are willing to train new graduates. Employment Paralegals should have a general knowledge of the law. Paralegals with relevant experience always have an added advantage and are usually hired by large law firms, corporations, or government agencies. Inexperienced paralegals may handle many routine assignments.

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