Summer Clerkship Job Description

United States

'Here are a few sample summer clerkship job descriptions:

Summer Clerkship Program

The clerks can expect to do research and writing on issues for litigation or for other environmental advocacy in a substantive area. Depending on the project area, research may include federal and state environmental statutes and regulations, and procedural and evidentiary issues. In addition to doing research, clerks also participate in strategy sessions and other aspects of case or project management. Clerks may also be involved in meetings on environmental policy with government officials and leaders of other environmental groups. Second- and third-year law students are considered.

Duration: 10 weeks

Application Deadline: October 15

Summer Clerkship

Summer clerks will participate in cases and transactions similar to the "real life" that junior associates experience on a daily basis. Will have the opportunity to work directly with some of the most recognized and talented lawyers in the Philadelphia region, including senior partners in the firm, on significant cases and transactions. While applicants with law review and/or moot court experience in the top 10% of the class are preferred, will recognizes that students who have prior or concurrent work experience often bring skills and judgment that may be more valuable to the practice of law than solely academic credentials.

Summer Clerkship 2017

The firm invites third-year law students studying at Thai universities to apply for the Summer Clerkship Program. Students participate in an orientation program and work with assigned practice groups, including corporate and commercial, financial services, dispute resolution, tax and intellectual property.

Clerkship Program Dates: 1 June to 31 July, 2017.

Application Deadline: 31 October, 2016.

Summer Clerkship Program

The applicant will be expected to have completed at least one year of law school, and must rank in the top-one third of class. The program is designed to expose summer law clerks to the private practice of law, while providing them an opportunity to advance education and further develop the skills acquired in law school. The program gives the firm an opportunity to observe and evaluate each clerk's skills and interaction with firm attorneys.

Note: The clerkship program generally runs from mid-May to mid-August.'

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