10 Apps to Delete for a Smartphone Detox

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Summary: You can do without these phone apps. Delete them to clear your minds and your phone’s storage space.
Phone applications you can do without and should delete.

We’ve heard it time and time again: we need to spend less time on our electronics. While it’s true that many people are practically addicted to the constant entertainment that is their smartphone, even those who are less attached could do with a detox.

One reason to spend less time on your smartphone is simply to spend less time on your smartphone. Do you get into bed at night and suddenly an hour or so has passed by from scrolling through your various apps? Do you pull out your phone first thing in the morning instead of getting up? Or maybe you spend your whole lunch break on your phone instead of reading that book you picked up or calling your friend? Limiting the amount of time you spend on your phone increases the amount of time you spend in the “real world”-- getting things done around your home or office and spending time with people.
Additionally, there are several other reasons to limit your smartphone use. For example, some social media apps can do more harm than good, depending on how you view social media in relation to your life, and what/who you follow. Much of what is posted includes only the best of someone’s life and not the messy parts, making us feel like we’re not good enough. In addition, when you don’t get the response you expected to your own posts, it can make you feel less than adequate.
Some apps end up draining your bank account - they make it easy to purchase things with hidden reaccuring subscription fees. Other apps keep you connected to work 24/7 when you could pull out your laptop if working is completely necessary. Lastly, there are apps that just take up space on your phone and may lead to storage issues or battery problems. Getting rid of those may help prolong the life of your phone.
So what apps should you remove for a smartphone detox? Here are ten that might boost your happiness to go without:
  1. Reddit. Reddit is a source of endless entertainment, and distraction. You could spend weeks reading Reddit without coming close to seeing it all, so stop yourself before it even begins. 
  2. Facebook. Do you really need to see what your freshman year suitemate, who you haven’t talked to in eight years, is doing this weekend? Probably not. Leave checking Facebook for when you have your computer out and only follow who you really care about (and yes, you can “unfollow” without unfriending). 
  3. Facebook messenger. Just another extension of Facebook and one more way to communicate. Skip messenger and use your phone or texting to talk to people - those who really need to contact you will either already have your number or find a way to get it. 
  4. Twitter. Like Reddit, what you read on Twitter can go on and on forever. Use it to check news updates, etc. but leave the rest for later. 
  5. Instagram. Oh Instagram. While we all love it, it can be a huge source of comparison, as well as a time-killer. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself and anyone who isn’t actually important. I promise, it may seem weird to unfollow but two weeks later you’ll have forgotten about that account completely. 
  6. Snapchat. There are so many ways to communicate with our friends…is Snapchat really necessary? Send them a picture through text if you see something interesting and ditch the app. 
  7. Games. (EX: Candy Crush) Candy Crush has been quite the phenomenon over the past several years. Although it can entertain you, do you really need it? You’re wrapping up so much time into something that really doesn’t matter. Delete it and let go. 
  8. Amazon. We all love Amazon, let’s be honest. However, having it on your phone can make it far too easy to spend money in a single click. If you want to buy something, go to your computer, drop it in your cart and then give yourself a day to think about it. 
  9. Grubhub. The amount of money that people spend on eating out is astronomical. Although a bit more time-consuming, try getting rid of the app to make carry-out more difficult and stop at the grocery store on the way home. Cooking a meal with your partner or family will bring you far more benefits than buying delivery. 
  10. Microsoft Office/Google Docs. Unless absolutely necessary, work should be left at work. Stop checking your emails, editing documents, and correcting spreadsheets on your time off. Our brains need to rejuvenate so that we can go back into work at our best.

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