5 Ways You Can Keep a Good Reputation at Work and Still Get Promoted

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Summary: Find out how you can make a good impression at work while protecting your reputation in this article.
Learn how you can keep a good reputation at work in this article.

We all know that it’s important to make a good impression on your boss. However, did you know that making a good impression on all of our colleagues is just as valuable?

Impressing both your higher ups and your colleagues may seem as simple as working hard and being generally kind, but there’s a lot more to it than that, especially if you want to stand out for promotions and recommendations. There are many things you could be doing at work to make a good impression but, unknowingly, hurting your reputation.
If you want to be well-received in your workplace and move up with promotions, here are a few tips on how to have a good reputation at work.
  1. Don’t be too “in the zone.” Sure, focusing on your work is important, but if you get too in the zone then you could be rebuffing your colleagues without even realizing that you’re doing so. Make sure you at least smile at the people you’re walking past or take a minute to ask someone how their weekend went. Being too focused can make people think you have a bad attitude or don’t care about the people you work with. 
  2. Ditch your annoying habits. Are you that one person who wears far too much cologne, chews gum loudly, or talks way more about their personal life than anyone else? While we should all embrace who we are, there’s also a line to draw when it comes to being respectful of others. You never want to be “that” person that’s thought of more for their annoying habits than the work that they produce. Ask a trusted friend for the truth or take a better look at what you’re doing that you don’t see anyone else do that could be construed as obnoxious. 
  3. Adapt to changes. It’s easy to get comfortable in our systems and ways of getting things done. Even dealing with new coworkers or bosses can be a struggle when we got along so well with our previous team. Take change in stride and be open to new people, systems and ideas. Know that change is almost always for the better and will help keep you and your business more relevant in a world that is rapidly moving forward. 
  4. Stop saying yes to everything. Some people think that saying yes to extra projects and showing that you can go above and beyond in your job is the key to success. Unfortunately, doing so too much will make you irreplaceable in the wrong kind of way. If you’re too amazing at your role, you might find your superiors hesitant to move you to a different position or department for fear they’ll miss your work where you are now. Make a point to pick and choose what extra projects will show your skills in future positions you’re looking for, but don’t take on everything offered to you. 
  5. Solve your own conflicts. It can be easy to turn to your superiors when you’re having an issue with your colleague, but unless it requires HR involvement, you should think about how to solve the conflict on your own. Speak to them first about the issue, and your colleague will respect you for not complaining to the boss right away. Your boss will appreciate being able to focus on their work and not playing referee between everyone.

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