Feminist Law Professors Look to Build Their Community

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Summary: The blog Feminist Law Professors is a shared effort to build the community of law professors throughout the country and world that self-identify as feminists.
Feminist Law Professors Blog

The goal of Feminist Law Professors is to “build a stronger feminist law prof community across scholarly subject areas.” They aim to do this in three ways: list law professors by their law schools that identify as feminists with a link to their professional or personal webpage, announce CFPs and conferences that would interest feminist law profs, and highlight book and article publications by feminist law profs or that they would be interested in.

The blog welcomes all that would like to comment or write on the blog. There are two administrators of the blog. Ann Bartow at Pace University School of Law and Bridget Crawford of Pace Law School are the ones to go to if specific information needs to be posted on the blog.
They understand that everyone is different and only share the fact that they are feminists. Their lives, views, and work can all be different. They only want to build the feminist law professor community up.
One recent post was from August 19, 2016 announcing that the tampon tax for California may soon be coming to an end. Currently tampons, pads, and other similar items are not considered necessities under the law, and are currently subject to state sales tax, but are now being considered for exemption from state sales tax. This legislation will now go back to the Assembly, and if it is approved there again, it will be sent to California Governor Jerry Brown, who will decide whether or not to sign it into law.
Source and Photo: http://www.feministlawprofessors.com/

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