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What Is a Telecommunications Attorney?

published October 20, 2016

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Summary: Learn what a telecommunications attorney is and what they do in this article.
A telecommunications attorney must stay up to date with the latest technology laws.

One of the best ways to keep relevant in this difficult legal environment is to specialize in areas of greatest growth. This includes telecommunications, which are shifting the ideological structure of the entire planet, realizing our ancient hopes for a unified globe. The rapid growth of telecommunication technology requires a lawyer able to keep up with the times, stay interested in technology, and adapt to new laws, new principles, and new business models.

As a telecommunications lawyer, you will work with major telcos, television broadcasters, government agencies, regulators, equipment suppliers, online service providers, and so forth. You will need to understand the technology and how it is used and abused, and be able to understand the necessity and use of regulations to avoid abuses.
You will need to keep abreast of commercial, technological, and regulatory developments, to self-educate, and update your understanding of a quickly changing world. In other words, you will need a supple mind with a quick ability to cope with new laws and regulations.
If working with technology appeals to you, this could characterize the rest of your life’s career. Working in technology puts you on the cutting edge of where our nation and our world is heading – the technological reinvention of the planet.
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