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What You Need to Do to Land Your First Legal Job

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If you are in the job market, you do not need me to remind you how tough it is.
What You Need to Do to Land Your First Legal Job

How many times have you applied for a legal job to either (1) never hear anything in response or (2) receive an automatic response confirming that the employer received your application, resume and cover letter only to never hear anything further?

It’s easy to get frustrated, and it’s okay if you feel a bit frustrated, especially if you’ve been actively searching for a new or different position for months or years.
Just don’t let the frustration of not getting hired overcome you. Try to look at the matter objectively.
A good starting point is realizing what you are up against practically every time you apply for a job. To say it’s tough out there is an understatement.
Prior to becoming an attorney, I advised hiring authorities and worked as a human resources professional for a number of years.
It is from that perspective that I can advise you that for every legal job posting an employer puts on the employer’s website or elsewhere it is not unusual for the organization to receive hundreds of resumes, applications and cover letters in response.
Therefore, every time you apply for a position the odds are somewhat against you that you will receive an invitation for an interview. This is most particularly true if you don’t have an insider’s track to the position – such as a friend or colleague who knows the hiring authority or works for the organization and is pulling strings for you to get an interview.
If you’ve made it to the interviewing stage – and most particularly if you have done so without the benefit of someone helping you get one, then take a moment and congratulate yourself. You’ve beaten the odds. You’ve done something that has caught the prospective employer’s attention.
As wonderful as that victory is in your job search objectives, there’s still much more work to be done if the ultimate objective is to have an offer tendered.

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In a way, the work has really just begun. If you’re not thinking of a job search as a job, you really should. It’s going to take some strategic planning, drive and yes WORK to go from applicant to employee in today’s fiercely competitive job market.
Step #1 is to cast a wider net than you might otherwise be doing. Tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know you're in the job market.
This short video will help you transition from applicant to employee as you "work those contacts!"

Click here for more information about the author, Kathleen M. Bonczyk.

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