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What is the Market Like for Entry Level Attorneys? Find Entry Level Attorney Jobs on LawCrossing

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Summary: It can still be hard to find an entry level attorney job, but learn how and where you can find them in this article.

Nowadays, with the legal market only recently nosing upwards towards the sort of relief we've seen the rest of the employed world feel, following the bubble bust of the 2008 collapse, it still matters where you went to school. It matters a lot. Landing that first entry level legal job becomes more of a challenge even than taking the bar. After all, more people pass the bar than are employed 9 months afterwards. Just as novelists are made to discover that selling their completed book takes more work than actually having written it to begin with, so do aspiring lawyers find that landing the first gig is more stressful than getting into law school.

What is the Market Like for Entry Level Attorneys? Find Entry Level Attorney Jobs on LawCrossing

So depending on your swagger, the sorts of credibility you've built based on your school ranking, who you are friends with, etc., you might want to be flexible regarding location and status of your first firm. Just getting in may be victory enough.

Naturally, you want to be flexible with what you are willing to take for your first job, but be shrewd. Get a place that offers room for improvement, or choose a resume building job. Either way, just as in the world of dating, the first one we kiss may not be the mother or father of our children, so should we not regret some initial suffering and a few mis-fitting placements. Choose your best, be flexible, and let us help.

We can help you find the best possible fit for your first job. Our job is to make this harrowing episode as easy and pleasing as possible. You did, after all, get into law school. You did, after all, pass your bar. So let us make this somewhat harder final ordeal feel a little less like life and death and more like life and life.

LawCrossing offers a good listing of what entry level legal jobs are out there, and who is hiring. Click here to browse entry level attorney jobs on LawCrossing.

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