I just made a lateral move and am unhappy where I’m at after 6 months. Should I move?

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Katy Anderman

I just made a lateral move to a firm in a different city where I don't have any friends or family and I'm unhappy. It's only been 6 months, is it too early to try to move back home?


Moving to a new city and starting a new job can be incredibly hard and stressful -especially when you are doing it alone without a support network. It is natural to feel overwhelmed or as if you made the wrong decision. Although moving back home may seem like a natural solution, it may not be the best decision for your career. I am a strong believer that one should try to stick it out in any position for at least one year. After one year, you may feel differently about your job and your new city. Sometimes transitions take a while to adjust to and by quitting before one year, you may not be giving your new job and city a fair chance. If you are really miserable, contact a recruiter and have her keep an eye on the market for you. It may make you feel better, knowing that you are proactively thinking about your move back home. In the meantime, don't disengage from your current job. Work hard and make an effort to make new connections at your new firm. Take time to attend professional events in your new city, join a few meet up groups, and if you have time, volunteer. The next six months will fly by, and before you know it, you'll have finished your first year and will be in a more marketable position to make a move.

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