Is there a good online directory of virtual paralegals for solos or small law firms?

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We asked Kimberli A. Taylor, a paralegal employed at Los Angeles' Conover & Grebe, LLP,is there a good online directory of virtual paralegals for solos or small law firms? Below is her response.We hope paralegals find her opinion beneficial.

It depends on the market and the state. In Los Angeles, the only one I am familiar with is the directory with the Los Angeles Paralegal Association. Freelance (or virtual) paralegals pay to post to their listing. Some states require certification through the state so they may have a directory. I served on their board when they decided to implement that service. Other paralegal associations may have followed suit, but I don't believe it is very common. In most cases, other lawyers ask me for names of freelance paralegals I know because I'm a paralegal and well-networked.

Kimberli A. Taylor

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