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David Bargman of Baum, Stevens has a Profound Perception on the Legal Marketplace

published February 21, 2023

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David Bargman of Baum, Stevens has a Profound Perception on the Legal Marketplace
Professional Overview

David Bargman, Esq., is the president of Baum, Stevens, a leading legal recruiting firm based in New York. BS has been serving the legal community by creating winning matches of attorneys with companies and law firms for over twenty-five years. The firm brings a high level of dedication, judiciousness, and insight to each assignment. Their hallmark is an in-depth client relationship, which permits them to become a legal employer's true advocate in the marketplace.

Mr. Bargman specializes in placing litigation and bankruptcy attorneys throughout the United States, but he specializes in placing attorneys in New York City and New Jersey. Prior to becoming a legal recruiter, he practiced law for twenty years. As an associate in a prestigious Park Avenue law firm, Mr. Bargman was active in law school as well as lateral recruiting. He was also a board member and Chairman of the Board of the Council of New York Law associates (now the Lawyers Alliance for New York).

Mr. Bargman also spent eight years as an in-house attorney, first at a communications conglomerate and then as General Counsel of a NYSE-listed motion picture producer and distributor. In 1991, he returned to private practice as principal of the Law Office of David Bargman, where he focused on employment, copyright, trademark, and entertainment issues.

His interest in career planning and the evolution of the legal profession led him to serve on the New York City Bar's Committee on Small Firm Management. As Chairman of the Subcommittee of Mentoring, Mr. Bargman wrote a report to the association about mentoring young lawyers, which was featured in an editorial in the New York Law Journal. His professional involvement and legal background have proven instrumental to his success as a recruiter by providing him with a profound perception of the legal marketplace and knack to address and understand his clients' needs.

Mr. Bargman was born in New York City and raised in Great Neck, Long Island. He attended Great Neck South High School. Mr. Bargman received his B.A. in Philosophy from Trinity College, an M.Sc. in History of Political Thought from the London School of Economics, and earned his J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. He was awarded the prize for Outstanding Moot Court Oral Presentation while studying at Hastings College of the Law.

When he isn't working, Mr. Bargman enjoys reading fiction, swimming, and traveling. He is a frequent visitor of Manhattan's Firenze. Mr. Bargman's favorite author is Philip Roth. He just finished reading John Le Carre's Our Kind of Traitor.

Mr. Bargman's Successful Career Path and Tips for Legal Recruiters

Does Mr. Bargman have a top memory from law school? "My top memory is graduating-next would be studying Labor Law with Joseph Grodin."

What does it take to become a successful legal recruiter? "Persistence, resilience and a strong desire to earn money."

How has Mr. Bargman's legal background and professional involvement helped him as a legal recruiter? "I empathize with lawyers. I have walked in their shoes and speak their language."

What motivated him to work as a recruiter? "Practicing law became too stressful. My experience and interest in the legal profession made recruiting a natural segue."

What advice would Mr. Bargman give to someone who's brand-new to his position? "1. Set a realistic goal for daily calls and evaluate your performance against your goals monthly. 2. Keep in mind that success consists of submitting qualified candidates, not making placements."

What's one of the things that he finds most challenging about his job? "Dealing with objections."

What would Mr. Bargman say is the most important thing he learned as a legal recruiter? "You can't do everything, you can't please everyone and not everyone is going to like you."

What is he known for professionally? "I'd like to think firms and lawyers value my honesty and knowledge of the market."

What does Mr. Bargman look for to find the right fit? What makes a great candidate? "Knowing the needs of my clients and identifying appropriate candidates."

In regard to what makes a great candidate, he stated, "Someone who, in addition to motivation, credentials, and experience, understands the value added by working with a recruiter."

Does Mr. Bargman have a recipe for a perfect match? "No. No one does. If there were a recipe, the legal profession would not need our services."

What are his strengths and one weakness as a recruiter? "My strengths are my empathy for lawyers and setting realistic goals for myself and meeting them; my main weakness is that I have to force myself to cold call."

Where does Mr. Bargman see the legal field in the next five years? "With respect to big law (which is where I make my living) consolidation and the end of partnerships."

Where does he see the legal recruiting field in the next five years? "There will be less use of outside recruiters for associates and increased emphasis on day one profitability of lateral partners."

How does the businessman process fear? "I make myself do the things that I am afraid of. (I often whistle a happy tune.)"

How does Mr. Bargman tackle new obstacles? "The same way that I deal with objections from lawyers: I try to discern the underlying problem and then try to solve it."

What motivates him to be a legal recruiter every day? "Money. It's sad, but true. The return on my effort is significantly greater than it was as a lawyer."

Has Mr. Bargman learned something of value from his mistakes? "I try to. I keep a log."

Where does he derive his confidence? "I trust my judgment after twenty years of litigating and managing the legal department of a public company."

Professional Associations, Non-Profit Organizations, Being a Mentor, Influential Business Executives and Mr. Bargman's Passions

Does Mr. Bargman currently hold a membership with any professional associations? "I am a member of the New York and California State Bars. I also adhere to ethical standards of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC)."

Does he work with any non-profit organizations? "I represent a not-for-profit agency and I am active in my synagogue."

Does Mr. Bargman consider himself a mentor? "I try to help my candidates figure out what's best for them."

Has anyone inspired him? "No one in recruiting has inspired me, but I have been fortunate to be coached and mentored by successful business executives."

What causes is Mr. Bargman passionate about? "I am passionate about the struggle to end hunger and the political direction of the country."

Facing a Life Threatening Illness, a Rewarding Position and Mr. Bargman's Favorite Quote

Has Mr. Bargman faced any obstacles in his life? "I had a life threatening illness in my thirties. I recovered with outstanding medical care and a positive attitude."

Why has his job been rewarding? "Because it has allowed me to achieve my goals."

Mr. Bargman's favorite quote is by Woody Allen: "Showing up is 80 percent of life. Sometimes it's easier to hide home in bed. I've done both." The quote resonates with Mr. Bargman because it reminds him that there is no alternative.

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