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Shulman Rogers Ramps up Government Contracts Practice with top USAF Attorney

Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker PA, the Maryland based law firm announced the hiring of a top US Air Force suspension and debarment attorney, David Robbins, to head its government contracts practice. Robbins joined Shulman Rogers after working five years at the Air Force where he had worked at different positions and responsibilities including that of the acting suspending and debarring official.

However, Robbins's choice for heading the government contracts practice flows from his significant experience as the director of the Office of Procurement Fraud Remedies and as the deputy general counsel for contractor responsibility in the Air Force.

Robbins, who joins as a partner, will chair the government contracts department and will advise government contractors with suspension and debarment, negotiation of contracts, and all other aspects of government contracts related issues like crisis and risk management, regulatory compliance, audit and investigations, and facility and personal security clearances.

Robbins also has the experience of working for large law firms like Jenner Block and Mayer Brown, prior to joining the Air Force.

Scott Museles, the vice chairman of Shuman Rogers' business and financial services department said, "We needed someone with David's background…." He said with reference to the government contracts practice group that, "With David coming, hopefully we've laid the foundation, and we can begin to grow that group."

Museles said the addition of David Robbins and with him heading the team, the government contracts group can expand its range of contractor specific services and go beyond advising on due diligence to lenders and investors on government contracts.

On his part, Robbins said that he would be using his experience in the government to help lenders deal with the complexities of government c ontracting. He said that currently the market was underserved and clients would be helped with an experienced attorney proactively helping understand compliance requirements and avoid risk.

Robbins said, "There are so many common-sense mistakes … For a very small investment, you can do a lot that will protect the contractor and the investor."

Rodney Grandon, Robbins' former boss at the Air Force, said, "David is and will continue to be an exceptional talent … and in his transition to the private practice, he is going to be a tremendous asset to the private bar."

Shulman Rogers

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