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Patent Paralegal Jobs

published August 23, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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A patent paralegal is responsible for the administrative tasks normally associated with the patent application process. Patent applications can take years to complete, and a good patent paralegal will remain on the job the entire time. When a client hires a trademark attorney to assist with a patent application, the patent paralegal, acting as an assistant, does most of the work. A patent paralegal's skills are specialized and require unique training; subsequently they are often paid more than standard paralegals.

One primary aspect of the patent paralegal's job is the collection and organization of the paperwork associated with a patent application. Detailed and accurate documentation of the process is very important, and the amount of paperwork means it can add up quickly. A good patent paralegal will establish a unique filing system for each application, organized for easy retrieval and reference. They must also maintain an accurate index of the every document and communication regarding the filing, noting the origin, location, status, and current use of each pertinent piece.

Another important part of a patent paralegal's responsibilities is research. A patent paralegal's research may be in support of a patent application or patent litigation, and can involve locating documents, travel for the purpose of inspection, conducting interviews, and organizing data into summary reports. Under the supervision of an attorney, most patent paralegals will be involved in drafting and filing patent application and litigation paperwork. The paralegal will also serve as point of contact between the client, attorney, and the patent office, including follow-up on materials sent to and from the office, keeping track of filing deadlines, and answering questions for all parties. This requires high level executive skills on the part of the paralegal, as well as the ability to maintain a good relationship with the patent examiner and client to ensure a smooth application.

Other patent paralegal general duties may include answering telephones, processing mail, maintaining the supervising attorney's email, maintaining calendars and contacts, creating new client accounts - including conflict checks, client intakes, retainer letters, and file openings - organizing and maintaining client files, inputting attorney time entries, monthly billing, and other general secretarial duties.

Most patent paralegals must first train and be qualified as standard paralegals before participating in additional training for patent paralegal status. Additional training is required in order to become familiar with patent law, which is complex and demanding. Some paralegal training programs work in conjunction with established patent attorneys in order to provide on-the-job training for patent paralegals, while other programs offer elective classes available during standard paralegal training in order to prepare for patent work. Most employers will require at least five years experience in patent applications or an equivalent field, as well as a bachelor's degree, though some may consider commensurate experience. Proficiency with Microsoft Office, docketing software, database management, and contact management will almost certainly be required. . A fully qualified patent paralegal will be in high demand in a variety of settings, and will easily secure appropriate compensation for their experience, skill, and professional services.

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( 16 votes, average: 4.3 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.