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Pasadena, CA - Recruiters and employers have always struggled with finding qualified candidates and getting the word out about their openings. The biggest hurdle has been the fact that manually posting legal jobs on multiple channels is a time-consuming process. On the other end of the spectrum, job seekers have had a tough time finding appropriate online avenues to find law jobs. LawCrossing helps both U.S. employers and job seekers with the challenges involved in the job search process. To do away with the issues of countless recruiters, employers, and job seekers, LawCrossing.com's employer webpage includes newly launched features to ease the recruiting process, including cross-posting jobs on multiple job boards, a user-friendly interface to manage candidates, and resume search.

LawCrossing.com's primary goal is to provide as many job posting and search opportunities as possible for hiring employers and recruiters. The employer webpage of LawCrossing.com will serve as a one stop resource for hiring the best attorneys, partners, associates, law school students, and recent law graduates. The objective is to speed up the recruiting process and send qualified site traffic to employers. LawCrossing.com has transformed the job posting method, in order to increase the efficiency and accuracy in posting jobs. New features include a user-friendly interface to organize candidates, free resume search to proactively contact professionals, and cross-posting of openings on multiple job boards to amplify the response by job seekers.

LawCrossing.com is a vastly trafficked website for legal jobs and facilitates the ability of employers to secure qualified candidates. All legal jobs posted by employers will be featured on over 100 top notch sites. In other words, job openings get advertised on more than 100 separate sites at a time to maximize visibility among job seekers. LawCrossing.com also proactively monitors and posts jobs from the career pages of more than 250,000 legal employers, including government offices, law firms, public interest organizations, and corporations. When all of the features are looked at collectively, posting jobs on LawCrossing.com is highly beneficial for both employers and job seekers.

Reviews from previous members show that LawCrossing has benefited countless people in posting openings, and helping them find suitable opportunities. LawCrossing.com's new cross-posting feature, which will automatically post all employer jobs to over 30 sites at once, will make the process much simpler than competing job boards, which typically post each job to only one site at a time. LawCrossing's new cross-posting feature promises to increase the mileage and promotion of every post, driving more traffic and qualified candidates to employers as a result. LawCrossing has always sought to make the search for qualified legal professionals easier and more effective. With the launch of the site's new employer features, law firms, employers, and legal recruiters can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The hiring process has just gotten even more convenient and hassle-free.

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