Yorkson Legal Moving Forward with Optimistic Director Eric Bienenfeld

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Personal Life

Eric Bienenfeld, Director of Legal Recruiting at Yorkson Legal
Eric Bienenfeld is the Director of Legal Recruiting at Yorkson Legal, a legal staffing and recruiting firm based in New York, NY. Yorkson Legal provides excellent legal support staff, paralegals and attorneys and focuses on making temporary as well as permanent placements in the New York metropolitan area. The legal staffing and recruiting firm has also made placements in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Boston and Florida. Prior to joining Yorkson Legal, Eric was an associate at Latham & Watkins and he served as an associate for Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, LLP.

Eric was born and raised in Merrick, NY. He grew up with his father, mother, brother and sister. Eric graduated with a B.A. in History from New York University and he earned his J.D. from University of Pennsylvania Law School. When the legal recruiter isn't working, he enjoys listening to music. He also roots for the New York Jets and is an avid Mets fan. Eric is currently reading Steve Jobs, an authorized biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson.

Eric's Successful Career Path and Tips for Legal Recruiters

What does it take to become a successful legal recruiter? Eric pointed out that a recruiter must be able to listen to candidates and clients and treat them with respect. He also advised recruiters to be prepared for rejection, especially when they conduct cold calls.

Did Eric transition into working as a recruiter or was he always involved in the field? The businessman explained that he left Latham & Watkins because he wanted to gain more experience. While working for Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, Eric decided he didn't want to work for a large firm. After meeting with a recruiter, he was offered the position of Director of Legal Recruiting at Yorkson Legal. One of the reasons why he enjoys working at the legal staffing and recruiting firm is because of Yorkson's diverse practice that includes recruiting both permanent and temporary legal staff.

Considering his two years of experience in the legal recruiting industry, many readers may want to know where Eric sees the legal field in the next five years. Although he said he wasn't sure how social media would affect a legal recruiter's position, he firmly believes recruiters will not become obsolete because of social media. Eric also believes there will be an increase in substantive two to three month temporary positions for individuals in the legal industry. He stated that companies and firms will hire “good people on a cost effective basis.”

What does Eric look for to find the right fit? What makes a great candidate? “The right fit depends on the client and candidate.” The recruiter continued to say that a candidate might not be a perfect fit for a client today, but the same candidate could be a perfect fit for another client tomorrow.

In regards to what makes a great candidate, Eric asserted it depends on the position. He stated that a great candidate could be suitable for a temporary position, but not a permanent job. Eric emphasized that a candidate should be serious about the position they are searching for. The businessman also stressed that candidates should communicate well with recruiters, so they can get a good idea on how they can place their candidates.

How does Eric tackle obstacles? “I do my best and I don't always succeed. I don't jump ahead and worry. I try to take it one step at a time. I am optimistic that things will work out.”

When asked if he learned something of value from his mistakes, Eric replied, “Yes. You are going to make mistakes. Being a recruiter is a learning process. You learn from your errors and change what you do for next time.”

Professional Associations, Eric's Passions, Motivation and Goals

Eric's firm is a member of The National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC), a voluntary organization of legal recruiters that adhere to the highest ethical standards in the profession and attend numerous best practice classes. He is also a member of the New York Bar.

Eric financially supports and devotes his time to the UJA-Federation, an organization where individuals care for people in need, inspire a passion for Jewish life and learning, and strengthen Jewish communities in NY as well as in Israel.

What motivates Eric to be a recruiter every day? “I want to be successful at this job and I want to have a good reputation in the industry. I can place good individuals and I am an advocate for candidates.” Eric said he has more to offer as a recruiter. He added, “It's a satisfying feeling to help someone in his or her career.”

Does the proud New Yorker have goals? “I want to be a successful recruiter. I want to have a good reputation in the industry so my candidates and clients know I will do well for them and they can vouch for me. I want candidates and clients to trust me so they can tell other individuals to call me and I can make more placements.”

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