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The Elevator to Success

published February 28, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
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Ed Bobrow's company specializes in marketing and marketing management to such clients as Honeywell, Dow Corning, Gillette and Norelco.

Additionally, Ed is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University. He lectures extensively to businesses, trade associations and universities. He has written 5 books and over 100 articles on sales and marketing.

Ed is founder and president of Bobrow-Lewell Associates, a highly successful manufacturers' representative organization in New York. He credits networking with helping him achieve specific goals in all of his various endeavors.

We discussed with Ed the networking techniques he found most helpful as he built his various businesses to their current successes.


There are four specific things, which come to mind when we think of Ed Bobrow's networking technique. He was one of the pioneers in using die-cut letterheads and business cards.

(Die cutting is part of the printing process where a sharp steel die cuts the paper in a desired design.) Ed used a bold letter "B" at the top right hand side of his stationary and business card. The die-cut came around part of the "B" and the rest extended beyond the edge of the paper. It was attention getting and provided long memory retention value to his correspondence and for his business card.

Ed also took advantage of color and used a distinctive shade of brown for all of his printed materials. People who received either his letters or business cards almost always mentioned how original they were. It was simply a matter of using components of the networking process - letter writing and business cards - and adding a unique touch.


Next Ed developed his elevator introductions. It is important to know how to properly introduce yourself in an elevator and how to hold a conversation before you reach your floor.

Everybody has had it happen at trade shows or conventions. You get on the elevator and someone sees your badge. "Oh, you're from the XYZ Company," they say, "and what do you do?" Ed has had to prepare himself to be able to give a quick but effective answer along with his card before the car reaches one of the stops. He states that your ability to quickly describe who you are and what you do is an important networking technique for almost any kind of chance meeting.


Another networking technique is one Ed calls "drop a card for a card." Here is how it works. Every time you receive a business card that you expect will have some value or that, you expect to keep and file, you respond by sending that person a post card or note reminding them of the occasion of the card exchange and something that might have happened in connection it.

"Thank you for sharing some time with me at lunch yester day," or "Thank you for the valuable ideas you shared with me at the meeting this morning/' or "I really appreciated the good service you gave me."

Remember, people like to be thanked. If s an important key to building respect and friendships.


The fourth networking concept that comes to mind may be the most effective one for identifiable results. That is Ed's use of newsletters.

Ed has been using them for years. They continually bring him both good contacts and actual assignments. First, he does not charge for them. Moreover, he does not publish them on a regular basis. That eliminates the problem of people expecting them when he might not be ready to publish for many reasons.

Ed always tries to incorporate helpful information along with news of what his company doing. Moreover, he does a little advertising for both his clients and himself. Often he will write about situations where he is trying to put people and companies, or companies and companies together. To protect confidentiality, he describes the situations but codes them for replies. This system has really worked well for Ed, with responses often coming long after the receipt of the newsletters.

Newsletters have a greater memory retention value than most people appreciate.

If s been fascinating to watch how Ed Bobrow has networked his way to success.

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published February 28, 2013

By CEO and Founder - BCG Attorney Search left
( 2 votes, average: 3 out of 5)
What do you think about this article? Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below.